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ESPN to expand eSports coverage

ESPN has slowly been building up their eSports coverage. They had a COD tournament with MLG during the X Games in Austin, and they did coverage of Dota's International. Now it seems that they are looking to expand their scope.

eSports part of ESPN’s X games

ESPN should be known for their open-minded approach to sport. They televise the annual hot dog eating competition on the 4th of July, they put poker on sporting TV, and they helped extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX get mainstream attention. Now, they are looking at eSports.

An interview with MLG president Mike Sepso

While I was in LA, I got to chat to some cool people. One of those was Mike Sepso, MLG's president. He is really a nice guy in the truest sense of the term - easy going, open and honest. I wish he would come and give lessons on how to deal with the media.

Team Rize responds to controversy

As we've told you before, there was something awry when Team RiZe was selected to represent South Africa. I interviewed Pupsky, our lone remaining South African player, to get his response to the controversy.

How to spectate MLG’s COD Championship

I'm packing my bags - that's right kids, I'm off to LA to be your live, embedded correspondent at the front lines of the Call of Duty Ghosts Championship. I'll be bringing you all the action, exclusive interviews and (hopefully pretty) pictures. So, what do you need to know to spectate and enjoy the eSports from the comfort of your home?

Dota 2: 4th International in July, MLG at risk?

I thoroughly enjoyed The International 3 last year. The compendium was really cool, offering spectators all kinds of interesting benefits and boosting the prize pool at the same time. All the top teams went head to head, making for some excellent Dota to watch. Valve has yet to announce the date for this year's tournament, but it may be sooner than you think.

Are you good at COD and want $1 million? Then click here

We’ve mentioned the $1 million COD tournament before but hey it’s a million dollars so we surely have to mention it again. The entries close in 16 days time and there are already 19 teams entered but only 4 have actually completed all the requirements.

MLG Championship first eSports use of COD: Ghosts

Kicking off today in Columbus, Ohio, Major League Gaming (MLG) is hosting a championship using two major franchises: COD and DOTA. With the game only released earlier this month, I wonder how much time teams have had to hone their skills.

eSports to compare with NFL in the future

Major League Gaming (MLG) president, Mike Sepso, believes that eSports has a major advantage over other professional sports - rather than relying on traditional broadcasting, eSports lives in the internet age.

MLG won’t host StarCraft 2 North American World Championship Series

Alluding to some sort of issues with Blizzard, Major League Gaming has decided to end its connection with the World Championship Series (WCS) America.  They will finish out the WCS America Season 1, through to the end of Challenger League and Up/Down matches.

An interview with MLG co-founder Mike Sepso

Our final interview at the Call of Duty Championship last week was with none other than the MLG co-founder himself, Mike Sepso. Starting from humble beginnings, the MLG has evolved over the years, yet Sepso remained down to earth, eager to talk about the future of esports as an entity and the direction that it was heading in.

Another free-to-play game joins the eSports scene

It’s really great to see eSports become so accessible to any one that wants to get involved. Some of the best games competed in are completely  free. Just look at League of Legends, probably the most successful eSports title of late and Dota 2 hot on its heals. Another one of these awesome games are joining the scene, PlanetSide 2, the game where size always matters. It's becoming a part of the biggest eSports league this year.

Rain dominates Flash in MLG semi final

In a gruelling Protoss versus Terran battle, Rain has secured his spot in the Major League Gaming Tournament of Champions finals.

World’s best StarCraft 2 players head into MLG semis

The Major League Gaming Tournament of Champions is heading into its semis tonight. The best of the world’s best will battle it out for a spot in the finals and a shot at winning that $5, 000 cash prize the winner gets to take home.

eSports Wrap-up: Stuff went down

This week in eSports we looked at Microsoft SA’s Halo 4 tournament semi’s, new features coming to StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the MLG kicking off, some crazy MainGaming LAN awesomeness, a pro LoL player getting the banhammer for life, an interview with Energy eSport’s own Bhond and what’s been happening with the SECS on Sundays. Also comment on this article for free cookies!