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PlayStation 4 sales now nearly double the Xbox One

The latest NPD figures were released last week while we were all sunning ourselves for the long weekend on our private yachts paid for by the bribes from the main distributors… er I mean we were sitting in squalor and eating rodents.

Sony were offered TitanFall, didn’t take it

I’m taking this with a bit of salt because it’s been posted up on a website I’ve never heard of and doesn’t link anywhere trustworthy. But at the same time it seems plausible, and the info apparently comes from Geoff Keighly's "Final Hours" of Titanfall - so why not take a look.

Weekly Deals – Xbox is having a spring sale

Tis the season, to get cheap games, tralalalala! Right now, Sony is busy with an Easter sale of note, with various discounts on several big name games and plenty of indies. Of course, they’re not the only game in town, as Microsoft is also ready to crowbar your wallet open.

How will Microsoft bring the cloud to South Africa?

I had the great pleasure of getting invited to Microsoft this morning for breakfast canapés and a glimpse into the future of the company in South Africa. It was really quite informative, but it was clear the topic on most people's minds - when are we getting Azure servers in South Africa?

The Xbox One is for girls

I like the good people at our local Microsoft office. They host a bunch of launches for games, as well as events for local indie developers in Joburg, and are generally quite liberal with their coffee machine. Now it seems that they're ramping up their Xbox One marketing in preparation for the launch sometime in September.

Xbox will do for Microsoft what the iPod did for Apple

Back in the early 2000s, Apple became known for their iPod devices instead of their over-priced PCs, thanks to a solid focus on that emerging digital market. Gaming is in a similar position right now, and that’s a bit of history that Microsoft is keen on repeating.

DirectX 12 to double Xbox One performance?

Microsoft’s DirectX 12 gives developers lower-level access to hardware than ever before, and is already proving to be quite impressive. According to Stardock’s Brad Wardwell writing on Neowin, DirectX 12 will make a significant difference to the Xbox One’s graphical performance.

See Microsoft’s cloud in action

Since Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, we’ve been hearing about how much The Cloud could benefit games, and how the array of 300 000 servers in the sky would make games look and run better. Microsoft even said that the fairies in the ether would give the Xbox One three times the computing power. Since the console’s release, we’ve seen exactly none of that extra power. Here’s that cloud in action.

Great news, Phil Spencer is now the head of Xbox

Microsoft has announced that Phil Spencer is now the head of Xbox and I for one am very happy about this. To me Phil has always been the more gaming-oriented person in the company and the one thing the Xbox One needs desperately is a renewed focus on games.

Xbox introduces reputation, again…and again

When the Xbox was originally introduced Microsoft were quite vocal about the online player reputation management system they had implemented. The idea being that when you act badly online your reputation points take a hit and eventually you will only be paired with other gamers with bad rep.

Epic Games wasn’t interested in more Gears of War

We all know that the future of gaming will be about new visuals, new waggle movement technology and games starring heroes who look like they pump more steroids in their veins than an entire gym locker room. Epic Games may have moved onto greener pastures, leaving Gears of War behind, but there’s a  good reason for that. It’s because Epic lost interest in the franchise.

Molyneux warns indies, insults Microsoft

It's our favorite time again - what did Peter Molyneux say? This time, gaming's grandfather (or maybe he's the crazy uncle, or black sheep cousin) said indies should enjoy their time in the sun because it won't last. He also gave one of my favorite quotes ever regarding Microsoft.

Is Microsoft’s DirectX 12 a PC gaming revolution?

Because it was a public holiday on Friday and we were exercising our human rights to sit in our underwear and play videogames, we missed Microsoft’s great big DirectX 12 announcement  at GDC last week. so let’s have a look, and see what the new API will offer.

EA and Microsoft nominated for worst companies

It's poo time again! No, not that half hour it seems the guys require to sit on the throne - companies have been nominated and it's time to vote on the worst companies in the US of A. Will EA score a hat trick, or will another company take their "prize"?

Is Microsoft exploring virtual reality options for Xbox?

Don’t worry guys, this stuff is only virtually real. The Oculus Rift has the attention of the world right now, with Sony set to release their own VR kit one of these days, presumably while Nintendo tries to bury the memory of the 3D Virtual Boy. Now add Microsoft to that rumour list, as it looks like the house of Xbox is also wanting to enter the goofy headset market.