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Microsoft shuts down Xbox Original programming

One of Microsoft’s big pushes with the Xbox One was that it was to feature original TV programming – much in the same way that digital streaming services Netflix and Hulu do. It would have had shows that catered specifically to the Xbox demographic. In fact one game, Quantum Break, even relied on it – using a live action series interweaved with gameplay as its hook. That whole division is being closed.

Crackdown will have a ‘mash-up’ of single-player and co-op modes

There are two kinds of great crack in the world. One of them will get you arrested if the cops catch you, while the other is an even more addictive digital drug that you can own legally at least. The first Crackdown game was pure sandbox fun, with an option that allowed another agent to hunt down some orbs with you. Expect the latest Crackdown to continue that tradition in a more seamless manner.

Xbox One sales have doubled since the Kinect was dropped

Ever since Microsoft debuted the Kinect a couple if years ago, it’s been a hard sell for the company. The pinnacle of wiggle tech, the response to the device by gamers hasn’t exactly been overwhelming. And it received a less than enthusiastic welcome when the Xbox One initially bundled the hardware with the console. Times changed, and Microsoft eventually dropped the Kinect as a mandatory Xbox One organ. And that’s had a positive effect on sales.

Xbox marketing on Microsoft’s chopping block

We knew Microsoft would be cutting jobs again soon - it was part of the "money saving" expected after the merger with Nokia was completed. However, there are some unexpected cuts coming into play, and things don't sound too great for employees of the company.

Xbox One receives trial functionality

Xbox One has received the function of allowing developers to offer free trials of their games. If a gamer likes a particular game they are playing, they can choose to buy it and convert it to the full package, without any additional downloads.

Bungie doesn’t love Sony fans more

Last week more than a few Xbox fans invaded the official Bungie forums to express their anger over Destiny’s exclusive DLC. Content which would only be available on Sony’s platforms. At least for the next year or so.

The Cole Train will return in the new Gears of War

There are just some things about Gears of War that you can’t hate. Cutting down a locust with the lancer ranks pretty highly, but getting to play a small piece of Thrashball with Augustus “Cole Train” Cole has to take the cake, and not because the ball was actually a massive bomb.

Even Sony is impressed with the current direction of the Xbox One

If I had to give an award to the best E3 press conference this year, I’d give it to Microsoft. Now while some people may not have dug all the games that were shown, that isn’t exactly the point I’m making here. What Microsoft did, was create a show that was just pure games. And that’s impressive. So impressive actually, that even Sony had some praise for their rivals.

Microsoft is cooking up a new Halo spin-off game

You want…more Halo? Well you’re going to get more Halo! We’ve got the upcoming Xbox One Halo title Halo 5: Guardians, as well as an entire history of Spartan action in the Halo: Master Chief Collection. Add a new spin-off to the mix, because this franchise is readying up for gears of moar.

PlayStation’s TV advertising budget blitzes Xbox

I cancelled my satellite subscription a few months back so I couldn’t even tell you if we've had a lot of local video game advertising on TV - but apparently it is still a massive thing over the US of A.

E3 2014 – Being bad is oh so good in Fable Legends

Fable has always been a franchise that has never been as good as it could have been. Overpromised features and watered down gameplay saw to that, but the franchise is now entering a new age at Microsoft. And for the first time in quite a while, I found myself enjoying a Fable title.

Why did Microsoft show no PC games at E3?

Microsoft’s recently re-committed to supporting the PC as a gaming platform, with Phil Spencer saying it’s now his job to refocus on Windows as a gaming platform.  Microsoft is even bringing its Capcom developed, Microsoft published former Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 to PC. so why then, did they not show any of their cool PC games at E3? Because E3 is not for you, PC gamers.

These are the top 20 features Xbox users want

Microsoft recently rolled out a new website where you can head over to and request or vote for a feature for Microsoft to roll out.

Like Tombs? Rise Of The Tomb Raider Announced

Did you play the last Tomb Raider? It was really something quite special, a proper and much needed reboot that put the series back in gamers good books once more. If you played it and want more, you’re in luck, Rise of the Tomb Raider has just been announced!

Fable Legends Announced: Comes With 5 player Co-op

Fable has been a staple of Microsoft for the past few years now. Some iterations have been hit or miss, not quite living up to the standards set by the first game. This year however, Microsoft have shown off Fable Legends, a new co-op game.