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Xbox head has nice words for Sony

Man, that Phil Spencer seems like such a nice guy. I have a lot of new-found respect for the Xbox brand since he's been in charge - they seem to be on message and doing things right. In the lead up to E3, he is also showing some good sportsmanship that makes me happy.

Pachter thinks Virtual Reality is a fad

It’s a fad, he says – specifically when it comes to videogames. And I agree with him. While VR is more mature as a technology than its ever been, and there will be a number of great VR games, it will remain a niche product when it comes to games. Speaking to Gamingbolt, the analyst explained why.

Kinect is “irrelevant,” says Pachter

Hate him or love to hate him, but whenever industry analyst Michael Pachter opens his mouth he says something interesting – even if you don't necessarily agree with it. I’ve a pretty good feeling many of you will agree with him this time though. He’s said that Kinect is “irrelevant.”

Pachter says PS Now “Is a joke”

Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has criticised PlayStation's PlayStation Now service in the latest issue of Game Informer, calling it a “joke” and claiming that publishers won’t allow titles less than two years old to be playable.

Pachter can’t believe that Satoru Iwata still has a job

Michael Pachter is well known in the video game business for predicting trends and outcomes for his financial clients but as his fame has grown so has his confidence in making even more outlandish statements.

Nintendo will become a “distant third”

Regularly seen as being a bit of a Nintendo hater, Michal Pachter has once again heralded the company’s impending doom, saying that the house of Mario is in a “world of trouble.”

Michael Pachter predicts an Xbox One price drop after Christmas

When the Xbox One releases in certain countries later this year it will be priced a full $100 more than it’s competitor, the PlayStation 4. Veteran videogame analyst, Michael Pachter, however expects that to change very quickly.

Xbox One to cost more than PlayStation 4

The next-generation of consoles is filled with uncertainties. We don’t know just how much publisher-mandated DRM will be in place on Sony’s PlayStation 4 – and we know close to nothing about what games we’ll see on Microsoft’s Xbox One. there are pros and cons to both machines – with the biggest deciding factor for many being the price. According to Michael Pachter, the odds could weigh in Sony’s favour.

Pachter doesn’t hate Nintendo!

But he still feels that they’re a poor investment, and will likely never return to the money-printing days of the Wii and the DS.

Who’s going to win the Next-gen?

The next generation of consoles is nearly upon us. Sony’s already played its hand, giving us a glimpse of the future with its PlayStation 4. Microsoft may be set to up the ante when it shows us its next Xbox, possibly as early as next month – kicking off the next round of console wars. Who will “win?”

Will the Wii-U sink Nintendo?

I’m a fan of the Wii-U, I desperately want one but right now my finances can’t stretch to get one, but it looks like I may be in the minority on this one and some people even believe the Wii-U could spell the end for Nintendo.

Playstation predictions and retrospectives appear ahead of Feb 20 event

Kaz Hirai walked onto stage, his face beaming with a glow that could attract a legion of moths towards it. Gathered below him, dozens of eager reporters, sweaty and aroused with the notion of a Playstation 4 being announced. They stood there, waiting with baited breath as Hirai gripped the microphone with a grip that showed the world how he won the 1997 thumb-wrestling tournament. Hirai opened his mouth. The audience gasped hard enough to suck the face off of some nearby squirrels. “Ladies and gentlemen”, Hirai began with. “I give to you the Playstation 4… point 2 firmware update!”.

Sony will announce the PS4 on the 20th of February

We mentioned that the PS4 may be announced on the 20th of February last week already but that rumour has grown even bigger over the weekend with the famed Michael Pachter now stating that Sony are 100% certain to announce the PS4 on the 20th of February.

Nintendo’s made a huge mistake

Nintendo recently released its third quarter financial results, and it appears that the Wii U launched well enough, but has since stalled somewhat, ending with some pretty disappointing hardware sales. It’s forced Nintendo to cut its total Wii U sales forecast from 5.5 million to 4 million – which just highlights Nintendo’s mistakes, according to industry analyst Michael Pachter.

Pachter: Nintendo’s late to everything

In the latest episode of Michal Pachter’s Pach Attack on Gametrailers, the analysts took the time to do what he does best: Hate the hell out of Nintendo. He thinks Nintendo’s decision to release the Canada-specific Wii Mini alongside the Wii U was a stupid one; something that came along far too late – like everything else Nintendo does.