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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 20 May 2011

The Red Faction series (intriguingly set on the red planet that taunts us with the prospects of extra-terrestrial life), though critically lauded, is an underappreciated one. Sure, it’s typically not the most graphically impressive, and its narrative has ranged from paper-thin to absolutely cheesy – but when it comes to the non-cosmetic destruction of terrain, Red Faction is second to none. Red Faction: Armageddon, from THQ’s Volition Inc dispenses with the open-word, sandbox gameplay from the previous title, becoming a more linear, story-focused game. It’ll still feature the same destructible environments you’ve come to love about the series, but will include a new signature weapon; the magnet gun. Its premise is simple; shoot at one object, then another – and those objects will be propelled towards each other. This introduces some very interesting gameplay mechanics when you couple it with the game’s terra-formation (and deformation).There’s also the brand new LEO exosuit, "a robotic suit with powerful weaponry whose biggest strength nonetheless appears to be its ability to crash through structures with little effort.” That sounds pretty gosh-darned awesome. There’s a demo available on Xbox Live (with one destined for PSN once the store’s back up), and a trailer after the jump for those who need a little more convincing.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 25 Feb 2009

Well what do we have here? This snippet has been taken out of a magazine scan that I received a link to in my inbox.

I am not sure what language we have here but thankfully the headlines are in english, click on the image to enlarge.

The simple maths equation is

1080p + No Loading + Stable Framerate = God of War III