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Mario Kart goes NASCAR

I know I'm from America and all, but I still don't understand NASCAR. Maybe it's because I'm from the Northeast and you need to be Southern to get it. However, Mario Kart seems to be on board, getting shown off at the latest races.

Can a single game save the Wii U?

Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t doing well, but that’s a diatribe you’re tired of hearing. Can it, however,  claw its way back to relevance? Is there anything that can revive consumer interest? Nintendo thinks so. And it thinks that thing is Mario Kart.

This Real Life Mario Kart is amazing

We’ve seen Mario Kart taken from TV screens to the real world before. It’s not a terribly difficult thing to ; Put on a Mario costume, hop in a go-kart, and hey presto – instant real life Mario Kart. The chaps from National Instruments at Waterloo Labs though, they’re doing it a little differently – by actually including the game’s iconic power-ups and weapons.

F1 Race Stars review – Formula Fun?

Codemasters, the folks behind Formula 1, DiRT and Grid is a veritable grand force when it comes to racing; so much so that they’ve recently refocused to doing little but racing titles. Known for their technical grasp of racing physics, their latest game might be a bit of a surprise in this post Micro-Machines world; a Formula 1 based arcade Kart Racer.

F1 Race Stars first impressions

I’m quite a big F1 fan, not a rabbid one who can tell you all about the engines and downforce or any of that, but rather more a big casual fan who enjoys watching the first corner mayhem at Spa and the insane overtaking manoeuvres that team mates pull on each other. I’ve already said I love the real F1 game from Codemasters but what about their family fun title?

Remember, you could win a 3DSXL this weekend

This week sees the release of Nintendo’s new supersized version of its glasses-free 3D handheld, and you could be some of the first people to play on one. Better yet - you could even win one for yourself.

The new Super Smash Bros is being made…by Namco?

While Sony’s busy with its own version of Super Smash Bros by way of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Nintendo would like to remind you that it’s busy with the real deal - and that it’s headed to the 3DS as well as the Wii U. We knew that - so that’s hardly surprising. What is though, is that instead of stalwart Smash Bros developer HAL Labs on the job - Nintendo’s assigned the task to Namco.

This just might be the greatest take on gaming and exercise

Staying in shape is never easy, and while plenty of us are willing to hit the gyms or protein shakes, it’s also an activity that cuts into precious gaming time. There are all kinds of games and ideas on the market for games that are designed to make your body cry, from fitness titles across the platforms, to my pull-up bar that has a Xbox controller attached to it.

But most of them aren’t exactly much fun, and the games themselves happen to be rather underwhelming. One genius Canadian modder however, has managed to incorporate one of the more exciting games on the market today, with a genuine exercising input device.

LBP Karting gets a trailer, it’s Mario Kart.. but I want it

I’ve made no bones about my irritation that LittleBigPlanet Karting is a pure rip off of Mario Kart and I honestly expect better from these large developers.

A new trailer has now been released for the title which confirms that the game is very much like Mario Kart but with a few added abilities, like a grappling hook and… oh customisation of your kart.

LittleBigMario Kart has been confirmed

LittleBigMario Kart has been confirmed

Last week I posted an article stating that LittleBigPlanet Karting had been all but confirmed well now it’s actually confirmed.

According to a tweet from the official PlayStation twitter feed LittleBigPlanet Karting is confirmed and is currently in development.

LittleBigPlanet Kart–aka Mario Kart is all but confirmed

We’ve heard rumours before that the studio behind the phenomenally awesome LittleBigPlanet title were going to release a clone of Mario Kart but in all honesty I didn’t want to believe it.

I can understand cloning a great Wii game and cashing in on the easy sales but why sully a great games originality in the process?

Miyamoto talks: Zelda, Starfox and Mario Kart 3DS done and more

Video game developer legend Shigeru Miyamoto recently held a press conferene in France and he has splashed out a load of new information regarding some of the best looking upcoming Nintendo 3DS games.

We are really excited because one of the big ones are confirmed for a 2011 release. More after the jump.

Real-life Mario Kart video is too awesome to not be real

FreddieW is a non-stop awesome-video-making machine that we here at Lazygamer love very much thanks to his insanely well-made (and hilarious) videogame-themed special effects videos.

We love his videos so much we even put together a tribute to him and his cohorts. They are back and this time they have created an insanely cool video of real-life Mario Kart which is of course, a must-see for any gamer and you just happen to be on a gaming site.

Video after the jump.

Being a gaming parent

I’m a gamer. Probably the sort you’d call “hardcore.” Like most gamers my age, it’s a label I’ve had nearly my whole life. I played games, weaning myself on a one-buttoned joystick, before I reached puberty. I played games through my teens with increasingly sophisticated controllers, and have continued to do so despite rapidly approaching middle age. I’ve recently, much to the shock of those who know me, become a parent. Unlike those who’ve actually procreated, I had parental duties thrust in my general direction after espousing with my inamorata, a mother of three. There are now 3 demi-humans under my care; a boy of 10 and a younger boy and girl both aged 6, who would be loathe to be branded “twins” despite that being exactly what they are. I haven’t had the benefit of time to make the adjustment. Gamer or parent? I’ll be honest in saying I’m finding it quite difficult to reconcile the two.

Awesome videogame Demakes

As a gamer raised on a diet of 8 and 16 bit games, their general aesthetic invokes an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Things like this though – combining my love of modern games with the heady wistfulness of bygone eras – make me giddy. After the jump you’ll find a collection of videogame demakes created by Swedish artist Junkboy. – pieces of videogame art in which new games are made to look as if they’d been released many years previous. They’re all pretty damned awesome, and some of them are frightfully clever – particularly Red Dead Redemption. If you’ll recall, Red Dead Revolver was originally a Capcom property before being acquired by Rockstar. Its been demade to look like Gun.Smoke, Capcom’s 1985 Western-themed arcade and NES shooter. Scroll slowly, and see if you can name them all!