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Major Nelson “work going on to make the console even better“

Over at reddit’s Xbox One subsection there was a bit of a pat on the back post about how well the Xbox One is doing and how someone felt the console is getting a lot of negative media for no real reason.

The Xbox One is going to get better

Right now, the Xbox One’s system software isn’t quite as fluid and functional as it should be. Its friends, party and chat system is effectively broken, and the standalone apps that replace basic, intrinsic functionality that users were accustomed to on the Xbox 360 make things slower and more cumbersome than they should rightly be. It’s going to get better.

Major Nelson signs your doctor’s note

I have known a few people who have taken days off work following launches of major games. How else are you supposed to dedicate hours to gameplay when things like work get in the way? Well, Major Nelson is on your side, and has a doctor's note for you so you can play Xbox One.

Is this the best unboxing video ever? No

Nina Totenberg is a DJ on NPR which is American’s National Public Radio. Now Nina appears to know absolutely nothing about gaming but for some reason they were sent one of those PS4 press packs and so they did what everyone expects them to, they filmed an unboxing.

This is good sportsmanship

While we expect good sportsmanship from athletes, it's not generally something that we see in the cutthroat world of business. Competition can make the difference between a company going under or being a huge success. So it made me incredibly happy to see this exchange between MS and Sony.

Gamescom 2013 – Lazygamer chats to Major Nelson

TEN HUT! Stand up straight new recruits, because the major is in the house. Or to be more specific, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, one of the public faces for Microsoft and Xbox. Our roving Energiser Bunny reporter Grant Hinds got to chat him, where they discussed fan feedback and growth in good ol’ South Africa. AT EASE!

Microsoft to annouce a new Xbox One exclusive at Gamescom

Phil Spencer has announced that Microsoft will be showcasing a new unique exclusive at their event at Gamescom this year along with some big news relating to Europe’s biggest franchise.

Xbox One, batteries are included

Hey Hey it’s Monday… yeah it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? Oh well let’s start off today with the breaking news that the Xbox One controller is going to be shipping with not one, but two whole AA batteries.

Are Xbox Ones already manufactured?

So we’re all still celebrating Microsoft’s decision to drop the always online requirement and the used games DRM but there is still one weird requirement from Microsoft and that is that we have to be online to register the console… but why?

The Xbox One can play Xbox 360 games.. sort of

I’m not big on backwards compatibility, if I have a large Xbox 360 library it’s quite obvious that I also have an existing Xbox 360 so I can simply use that. Granted extra features are always nice but lack of backwards compatibility is not a system killer for me.

Redbox Instant is coming to the Xbox 360

Those of you who have been following us on twitter over the last few weeks must have noticed the sudden increase in tweets related to Netflix. This is due to all of us setting up Unotelly accounts and streaming everything from Breaking Bad to Strippers vs Werewolves while testing the service.

Is the countdown to the new Xbox being announced?

Major Nelson (Lawrence Hryb) is the Director of Programming for Xbox Live or in other words the guy who tries to make everyone love Xbox has posted up a countdown timer that is set to end on the day that E3 2013 opens.

What’s the most played game on Xbox Live?

Every week, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson posts up a list of the most popular games on Xbox Live for that week. For the last few years, you could put money on the fact that the latest Call of Duty would be at number one. It’s not anymore.

Kinect gets a 27% price drop but not for you

Major Nelson, the community leader over at Xbox, has announced that starting pretty much immediately the Kinect will receive a 27% price drop in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

The new white Xbox looks completely unnecessary and drop dead gorgeous

Let me have a look at my console collection so far. Matte black PS3. Check. Glossy black 3DS? Check. Sleek Black Xbox slim? Check. Various other consoles from previous generations that all sport a black coat of paint? Check.

It’s kind of boring having such a uniform selection of gaming devices to play around on, which is why my eyes light up like a cat chasing a ball whenever a newer, shinier console with a brighter finish arrives.

Which is just what the Xbox 360 has done. It’s completely superfluous, unnecessary and Sweet Christmas! I do want this so bad!