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Posted by Gavin Mannion - 22 Feb 2014

Today was the day when the very best Xbox 360 Call of Duty clans from around the country went head to head to see who would be the South African representative at the $1 million Call of Duty championship later this year.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 16 Apr 2013

Our final interview at the Call of Duty Championship last week was with none other than the MLG co-founder himself, Mike Sepso. Starting from humble beginnings, the MLG has evolved over the years, yet Sepso remained down to earth, eager to talk about the future of esports as an entity and the direction that it was heading in.

Posted by Yolanda Green - 28 Jan 2013

It’s really great to see eSports become so accessible to any one that wants to get involved. Some of the best games competed in are completely  free. Just look at League of Legends, probably the most successful eSports title of late and Dota 2 hot on its heals. Another one of these awesome games are joining the scene, PlanetSide 2, the game where size always matters. It's becoming a part of the biggest eSports league this year.

Posted by Yolanda Green - 13 Dec 2012

The Major League Gaming Tournament of Champions is heading into its semis tonight. The best of the world’s best will battle it out for a spot in the finals and a shot at winning that $5, 000 cash prize the winner gets to take home.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 28 Aug 2012

What, did you really think that we were the only country that had some llama-level drama in competitive gaming? Not so, as it was recently revealed by Major League Gaming that they had stripped two League of Legends teams of their positions and prize money, after investigating some accusations of collusion.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 03 Apr 2009

It’s indisputable - Times are tough. Developers, publishers and gamers alike have been feeling the pinch. Spare a thought then for professional gaming leagues, and the people you play in them for a living. The sport of gaming, you see is on the brink of collapse, with many professional leagues losing sponsorship and being forced to shut down.

What this means is that salaried players, such as North American Dead or Alive 4 Champion Emmanuel Rodriguez, are out of a “job”. I’m sure we’re all very sad for him and his ilk, who are now forced to do some actual work for their money.

Not all of the mighty gaming leagues have fallen though; The recession has left one American professional league standing; and it’s one that’s expected to turn a profit this year.

“We have driven everybody else out of the business,” said Matthew Bromberg, Major League Gaming’s president and “The history of league sports begins with one league.”

Now stop fantasising about playing games for a living, and get back to work, slaves!

Source : NY Times