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Magic: The Gathering finally allows custom decks

I used to play quite a bit of Magic: The Gathering in my youth. It was always social, never at any sort of competitive level -  though I stopped playing around bout the time I discovered how much fun boobs (and yes, the people they were attached to) could be. I’ve thus enjoyed the digital version of the game immensely; where it’s found a home on my tablet. It’s always had one rather big negative though; the lack of a genuinely customisable deck. That’s changed with Magic 2015.

MtG: Gatecrash Event Decks review

Gatecrash is here, and Gideon is causing trouble in the City of Guilds. Two new event decks have arrived: ready to play 60-card decks with a 15-card sideboard. If you are new to Magic the Gathering and want to join in on the fun of Friday Night Magic, or you want to try something with a bit more clout than the intro packs, this is where you should start. Here are the two Event Decks in a (cough) double decker review. Hopefully something here tickles your fancy.

Here are the Magic and Far Cry 3 winners!

Right…today marks the end of two pretty damned popular competitions. The first, courtesy of MagicSA is a Magic the Gathering Holiday 2012 Gift Box – while the other is a real biggy; Far Cry 3 for the platform of your choice, plus a Steelseries multiplatform headset and a host of Far Cry 3 paraphernalia. Let’s cut to the chase and announce the winners, shall we?

Win the Magic 2012 Holiday Gift Box

When it comes Christmas time, what do you get the Magic player who has everything? More cards of course! Cards, and somewhere to put them. Thanks to the chaps at MagicSA, we’ve got one Magic the Gathering 2012 Holiday Gift Box to give away, to one lucky Magic fan.

Return to Ravnica Event Decks: Creep and Conquer reviewed

The second Return to Ravnica deck is based on the death and regrowth principles of the Golgari (black and green). With access to some of the biggest creatures in the format along with several sneaky tricks to snuff the life out of your enemy's threats, get ready to drop straight into Friday Night Magic with this assortment of monstrosities.

Return to Ravnica Event Decks: Wrack and Rage reviewed

It is event deck time, which means I'm allowed to take the velvet gloves off and get into the mechanics. You are here because you like Magic or are really interested in getting into it. Event decks are a great starting point for Friday Night Magic, allowing you to jump straight into the action.

Magic the Gathering: Return to Ravnica

So, you saw the hordes of people playing Magic: The Gathering at rAge and now you want to start playing too? We take a look at two of the new intro packs for Return to Ravnica.

Come one, come all, Magic the Gathering at rAge, details right here!

There’s going to be all kinds of games at rAge this weekend. Sports, action, racing and various other sub-genres will be present, but not every such gaming experience will be one that involves sweaty controllers. Magic The Gathering will be present, and if you’ve ever wondered how to tap some cards and lay down some hurt, here’s your chance to learn how to play the game,get tips from experts and most importantly, have fun.

Our From the Vault:Realms winner is…

We’re giving away one box of fifteen rare Lands from Magic’s Vault courtesy of the chaps from www.magicsa.co.za. It’s time to announce the lucky winner of From the Vault: Realms. Could you be walking away with a set of cards that retails for $35, but because it’s so limited and in such demand now fetches closer to $120?

Reminder: Magic Cards up for grabs!

Today’s the very last day to enter our competition to win the deliciously rare From the Vault: Realms pack of Magic the Gathering Cards - a collection  containing fifteen premium foil lands from the history of Magic. It’s got an extremely limited print run and features new art, cards that have never been in foil before and cards that have never been in the modern card frame. It’s pretty much sold out everywhere - making it a nice exclusive prize. Enter just by commenting on our review of the Izzet vs Golgari Duel Deck.

MtG Duel Deck review: Izzet vs Golgari – Steam and Fetid Gas

Steam, blistercoils and mizzium-spheres are some of the favourite toys of the inventive and exploding Izzet guild. They care nothing for rules in the way of their quest for knowledge. However, was disturbing the hordes of the Golgari really the smartest move?

Magic The Gathering – Beasts of War

M13's second event deck takes a creature heavy approach, making use of creatures that love entering the battlefield.

Magic the Gathering – Sweet Revenge event deck: A burning sensation

Every set of cards, Wizards of the Coasts releases two Event Decks. These 60-card decks include a sideboard of 15 cards and are made to be ready for Friday Night Magic. Here is one of the M13 event decks, a red blue deck full of shenanigans.

Magic the Gathering: Depths of Power

Would you plumb the depths of the sea for power? With merfolk by your side, the waters are yours to command. Depths of Power showcases the might of instants and sorceries, especially when the conditions are right.

Magic the Gathering: Path to Victory

If you have ever played a game of Magic against me, you have probably felt the sting of my white weenie deck. If you have, you will probably like this intro pack. If not, you probably have no idea what the hell I am on about. Let me clarify. Imagine waves of tiny creatures advancing over your foes, helping each other become a lethal fighting force. This is exactly what Path to Victory is all about.