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Destiny loot handcrafted to create jealousy

Destiny is almost upon us. Okay, well maybe closer to being upon me and Darryn seeing as we'll get our grubby fingers on it at E3, but at least we're getting more details about the game. Of course armor, weapons and loot are important, and they serve multiple roles.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing review

First created by Bram Stoker for Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing in synonymous with monster and vampire hunters. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing follows the young Van Helsing, son of the legendary Abraham Van Helsing. In this way we get to journey into a world of monsters, magic and strange technology without the burden of the established character.

The Division an RPG to support smart phones, not dogs

Remember when I told you about the use of tablets in The Division? Well, questions about OS and phones are now answered, as is the most important question of all - if it's truly next generation, does it have dogs?

New Borderlands 2 golden keys, right here!

Well Borderlands 2 certainly cleaned up nicely at the Spike VGAs last night. In celebration of all the love bestowed upon it, the crew at Gearbox Software are celebrating by handing out brand new Shift codes to the community, that’ll be active for the entire weekend. Want ‘em? Then click on through the jump and reclaim them!

Don’t miss out on these free Borderlands 2 golden keys!

There’s nothing better in Borderlands 2, than that sweet moment when you get your hands on a rare gun. Maybe it’s a shotgun with the AI of a homicidal robot within it, asking you to kill more humans, or a revolver that could crack the planet with the sheer power behind each bullet fired. But you’d sooner see me hug a hipster than find one of those weapons. Unless you had a golden key for that special chest in Sanctuary, that is. Here’s how you can score some loot this weekend.

Borderlands 2 review – Still no rest for the wicked

It’s been three years since Gearbox’s revelatory, unique hybrid of role-playing game and first-person shooter captured gamers’ imaginations with its alluring cell-shaded aesthetic, ludicrously addictive looting, oddball humour, bazillions of guns and sublime co-operative play. The novelty of it all has worn away, its sheen and lustre lost to age. It was an underdog then, but its sequel’s out now – bringing with it a ton of expectation. Can it still deliver a compelling experience?

From the Vault:Realms Draw Redux!

Right…so yesterday we did the draw for that loot-tastic From The Vault: Realms pack of rare Lands from Magic the Gathering’s long history. Turns out our winner, lovingly selected by Random.org works for MagicSA, the sponsors of the prize - making him instantly ineligible for the thing. Sorry about that. That’s good news for you though, because it means we’ve had to do a redraw. Has your name come up in our draw redux?

There’s a glitch in Borderlands 2 that’ll make you less badass

Those locals who shun digital distribution or play games on your Xbox are still probably waiting for you copies of Borderlands 2 , while the rest of the world has been fervently addicted to looting stuff in Pandora. Unfortunately, quite a few of those players have stumbled on a nasty glitch, resetting the game’s badass rank and its resultant rewards.

Ubisoft announces new f2p IP: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Ubisoft today announced an awesome looking free-to-play IP, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. This tower defence/dungeon crawler/point-and-clicker (okay I don’t actually know yet what genre it falls under) looks like a ton of fun and you should really check it out.

Borderlands 2 unveils surprise fifth class, customisation options and a special edition loot box

If you haven’t read it yet, go and take a gander through Gavin's feature where he had a hands on experience with the upcoming loot-and-shoot FPS title. Borderlands 2 is shaping up rather nicely, and looks to be an even more addictive experience than the original.

Gearbox recently took to the stage at a gaming expo to talk more about the game, what players could expect and all that, but they also had a few surprises up their collective sleeves for the audience in attendance.

Borderlands 2 will be a lot less repetitive

I have an unabashed love for Borderlands, the RPG loot-a-thon from Gearbox. It may have been short on actual story, and saddled with one of the most disappointing, anticlimactic endings in a video game ever - but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t some of the most multiplayer fun I’ve had in a game this generation. If there is a complaint to be made, it’s that the game might’ve been a little repetitive, especially with regards to the game’s abundant loot (GUNS!) which did little to distinguish one set of weaponry from the next.

That’s all going to change in the sequel.

Borderlands : The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Reviewed

Borderlands, the RPG loot-a-thon shooter from Gearbox and 2K has been pretty well supported with post-release content. The first, the Zombie Island of Dr Ned was an exercise in how to do self-contained episodic content right. The second, Mad Moxxie’s underdome riot was a less-than awesome arena mode. Let’s take a look at the latest add-on for the game, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and see if it’s worth your money.