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Valve Joins the Linux Federation

It’s no secret that Valve’s Gabe Newell hates Windows and everything it stands for. It’;s one of the reasons that the company has made its Steam platform (along with many of its games)  available to Linux users, and one of the reasons Valve’s own SteamOs will soon be a thing. They’ve now cemented their Linux love, by joining the non-profit Linux Foundation.

Valve announces SteamOS

In the first announcement of an apparent three we can expect this week, Valve announced SteamOS - a Linux-based operating system built for your living room. Is this the first step towards a "Steam Box" or do the plans go deeper?

Valve preparing for launch of Linux hardware next week?

We've known for a while that Valve was preparing to launch some kind of new hardware, often referred to as the "Steam Box". It seems we don't have much longer to wait for details - we should be getting news as soon as next week!

Dota 2 update adds Abaddon, Mac and Linux support

The latest Dota 2 update adds the hero Abaddon to the game, new Compendium items and support for Mac OS X and Linux.

Penguins celebrate as Steam for Linux launches

It’s finally here, Steam for Linux launches with a totally unexpected celebratory sale. Welcome to our world Ubuntu users, you will hence forth be broke until you die.

Valve tears into Steam Linux beta

I generally loathe Mondays, apart from obvious reasons like; I have to almost use my brain for anything other than playing games, I never find awesome news to do and that just sucks bricks. But hey, did you know Valve has now officially gone into the next phase of brining Steam to Linux?

You could soon be running Linux (Because Gabe Newell Said so!)

You may have noticed that Valve’s slowly been dabbling with native support for the tinkerer’s operating system of choice, Linux. It’s not because he loves you- more because he hates the direction that Windows is going - going so far as to call it a catastrophe.

[Update] If you run Diablo 3 under Linux you will get banned

It seems like Diablo 3 just can’t stay out of the news at the moment and it’s rarely for good reasons. The latest issue is that a large swath of Diablo 3 players using Linux and WINE are being banned by the Blizzard Secret Service.

[Update] Blizzard has denied banning Linux players.

PS3 other OS class suit thrown out

Remember when you were able to load Linux on your PS3 and cure cancer? That was cool, but then the evil corporation that is Sony stepped in and disabled that feature because if anyone’s going to cure cancer then it’s not going to be on a PS3.

Or it was because of piracy concerns, not sure but either way the ability to run Linux on a PS3 was removed and 99.9% of PS3 owners couldn’t have cared less.

Other OS running on firmware PS3 3.21

If you were one of the handful of people running OtherOS on your big black box of Blu-ray, I hope you haven’t updated to firmware 3.21 already. Why?

True to his hacker word, George Hotz has gotten the feature running on Sony’s latest PS3 firmware – which was intended to remove the ability, citing “security concerns.”

iPhone Hacker to Save PS3 Linux?

George Hotz, better known as GeoHot, one of the pioneers of iPhone hacking and tinkerer who discovered the PS3 exploit is now a man on a mission. Unhappy with Sony’s decision to remove the OtherOS feature  - the ability to install Linux – from the PS3, he’s undertaken to saving it.

He’s encouraging people not to update – and says he’s going to write a custom firmware to enable all of the features of the upcoming update, but still keep Other Os support.

Sony Officially Nixes PS3 Linux Support

It appears the rumours from last month about Sony dropping Linux support on all PS3 units is true. Just next month Sony will be releasing firmware update 3.12 that’ll kill the system’s ability to install operating systems other than its own.

If you’re one of the 3 people worldwide who actually uses that feature, it might be a good time to back up your files and migrate them to another system.

It’s OK To Be Gay – Microsoft Change XBL Code Of Conduct

Microsoft have just announced that they have made changes to the Xbox Live code of conduct. The reason being that they have seen it fit to allow people to more easily express their diversity .

You may remember that on Xbox Live, words such as Gay, Lesbian etc were not allowed to be used on the service, which led to a ton of complaints from homosexual gamers around the globe.

The list of changes has been posted up on Xbox.com, and they go a little something like this.

Rumour : Sony Removing Linux from PS3’s?

According to a post on the Yellow Dog Linux forums, a new firmware update in the works at Sony will remove the “OtherOS” feature from older PS3 models.Owen Stampflee, one of the distributions developers said on the board that :

“I've caught a rumor from a reputable source that the next firmware update for old PS3s will remove the OtherOS feature...
I'm not sure if it's true or not but it's in the best interest of the YDL community to spread the word.”

Can the PS3 Slim no longer be used as a Linux box?

Can the PS3 Slim no longer be used as a Linux box?

One of the original selling points of the PS3 was that you were able to load Linux onto it and use it as an all powerful server / Skynet apprentice.

Well apparently one of the caveats of the new PS3 Slim is that this functionality will no longer be available and you are going to have to use your PS3 purely for Gaming and multimedia purposes.

Since I have always thought that Linux idea was stupid I won’t be shedding a tear over this one but if you are one of the few people on the planet who really wants to install Linux on your PS3 then make sure you pick up one of the older models before they are all gone.

Oh and watch out for those system updates as I am quite sure that one of them will remove your ability to dual boot in the imminent future.

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