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Check out the gameplay of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Batman! Superman! Wonder Woman! The mighty trinity of the DC Comics Universe may have vanquished gigantic robot apes, super geniuses and universal death gods, but they may have met their greatest foe in the upcoming Lego Batman game. And that’s the dreaded fiend who leaves a four-stud Lego block on the floor, waiting for it to dig into your heel. The maniac!

Who you gonna call? Lego announces a Ghostbusters set

I’ve got to hand it to Lego. For a company that specialises in creating bricks that know just where to penetrate your heel, they’ve done a good job adapting and rolling with the times. Lego has licensed a ton of different properties over the last couple of years. But they may have just hit the right button with me, with the upcoming Ghostbusters set.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review – Excelsior!

If there’s one franchise that has managed to churn out more games than Call of Duty and The Sims on a regular basis, it has to be Lego. The Danish blocks are a constant presence on store shelves, giving players a chance to build anything from the world of Batman through to an unexpected journey in The Lord of the Rings.

BMO is real! And made of Lego!

If you’re an avid Adventure Time watcher like I am, chances are that you have to scrub your brain whenever the Earl of Lemongrab appears. But more importantly, you’re probably in love with BMO, who happens to be a dozen gaming consoles all wrapped up into one nostalgic character. Don’t you wish that you could have one for yourself?

This Lego set has the POOOOOWER!

True story: I have a jar full of Lego. That I regularly still play with. Dammit, stop judging people. Thing is though, Lego is pretty freakin’ expensive these days. Which I’ve come to expect, judging by the amount of movie licenses that the Danish blocks have in their catalogue. But they don’t have this retro slice of awesome.

Amazing LEGO NES will make you want to blow cartridges

We’ve featured quite a number of things crafted from LEGO here, but this easily has to be my favourite. It’s a to-scale Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with working cartridge doors and all the embellishments you’d expect from the real thing.

It took over 5 million Legos to build this X-Wing

I don’t care what your age bracket is, you’re never too old for Lego. Unless you step on a four-pin block edge in the middle of the night. Lego can be used to build anything given enough time and blocks, and right now, that’s just what one group of fans has accomplished with their combined love for the Danish blocks and Star Wars.

Ready to feel inferior?

Ready to feel inferior?

Okay, so we all know that Minecraft is all about your creativity and imagination.  It's like LEGOs or play dough - all well and fun until someone decides to swallow it.  It is even being used in Kenya for urban planning - wish we could do something similar in SA!

Breaking Bad, the next Lego game

I’m yet to get into Breaking Bad properly but one thing I know for sure is that it would make an absolutely terrible Lego game… and yet I was proven wrong on that point this morning by PixelVulture who posted up this awesome Lego Breaking Bad mock video.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings Review

Traveller’s Tales Games has made quite the reputation for themselves. They’ve been making LEGO video games of popular movies since 2005, when LEGO Star Wars was released. Each LEGO game has improved on the formula and we’ve had some gems over the years. The LEGO adaptation of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is no different. In fact, it has some new surprises up its sleeve.

Your Lego is about to get a dose of TURTLE POWER!

In life, there is one constant, and that’s that Lego will always remain awesome. Sure, the stuff may be the same price as a small African nation these days, but there’s no denying that the Danish blocks will always be there to get the creative juices rolling, or find a way to embed a 4x2 piece in your foot late at night. And now, Lego has combined with those heroes in a half shell. LEGO POWER!

Minecraft Xbox 360 review – Bring out your creative side

Do you like Lego? Ever fancied building something, but either not having 10 000 of the same colour blocks, or having to pack up every day stop your creative genius? I always wanted to build the Death Star, but only had about 100 grey blocks. Luckily, if you suffered from any of these constraints, Minecraft is here for you.

Minecraft is all about cubes, because everything is made of cubes. Dirt cubes, stone cubes, water cubes; even your little character is a 2x1 set of blocks. All these blocks make up the world, which is infinitely large, for you to conquer. But don't just stand there! Monsters come out at night, and they love the way you taste. So smack that tree until you get wood.

No really.

Help remake Super Mario Bros – In Lego!

Ever since Tim Schafer and his Double Fine Studios managed to hit it big with the crowd-sourcing initiative that is Kickstarter, we’ve seen a massive surge in gaming-related projects popping up.

Wasteland 2, Leisure Suit Larry, The Banner Saga and Police Warfare, these are just a few of the projects that are going to be up and running soon, thanks to funding from the eager masses.

And then you get one Kickstarter entrepreneur, who happens to be asking you to donate cash towards a Lego reconstruction of Super Mario Bros.

Moosa’s Musings: So open-ended the fun fell out

As gameplay duration extends, I feel my age going with it. Suddenly, the idea of playing forty hours of a dragon-bashing fantasy game is as daunting a marathon as one attempted backwards, one-legged, while reciting the Russian alphabet… in North Korea. This is not a complaint of my age, only my attention span. However, I’m not going to explain that to you since it’s autobiographical; and the only autobiographical posts worthy of Internet views are sex-tapes. And I have neither celebrity-status, female parts (the ones in the fridge don’t count), nor personal interest in conveying this. But with this realisation came another: that game developers often mistake choice for laziness, freedom for shallow plot-points, and endless liberty for undeveloped stories.

For many people games like Skyrim or its predecessors seem too good to be true and difficult to hate given their “open world” environments, choice-systems that apparently shape the world, and almost infinite amount of ways to tackle a situation.

But sometimes, as Francis Beckett said of disliking a friendly priest, it’s worth making the effort.

MW3 trailer done Lego Style

Watch this it’s awesome…

Damn I seem to have fallen short of my own minimum text rule so now I need to add something else in. Umm okay well some guy has an amazing talent and far too much time and has recreated the Modern Warfare 3 trailer entirely in stop motion Lego.

It’s pretty impressive to say the least and with it being Black Friday (day after thanksgiving) today there is absolutely no breaking gaming news at all so this is as big as the news gets today.

Watch it, it’s awesome.