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League of Legends is humanising their bots

I really enjoy playing against bots in League of Legends - Co-op vs AI can be a really fun mode. It seems I'm not the only one who feels this way; even experienced players frequently play against bots. Now, Riot is tinkering with the bots to meet player demands.

Riot’s April Fool’s mode to stay?

I missed April Fools' this year - I was enduring the marathon journey back to South Africa from LA. It seems everyone had fun, and Riot's prank is hilarious and awesome. In fact, it's so popular that it may just become a new game mode.

League of Thrones? Game of Legends?

Marketing is coming. That's right, Game of Thrones is about to kick off their fourth season of the wildly popular series, and they're looking for some unique marketing opportunities. Thinking outside the box, HBO is teaming up with an eSports giant.

Match fixing in LoL leads to suicide attempt

Traditional sports are plagued by all kinds of controversies - doping, personal player scandals and match fixing cause outrage, but are expected. It appears that eSports is reaching that point, too, as a match fixing scandal was revealed at the highest levels of play. Unfortunately, it also led a player to try to take his own life.

League of Legends tries out Team Builder

I will confess -  I'm still fairly n00b when it comes to League of Legends. There are only really two or three champions that I can play as, and I prefer to play them in specific lanes. However, this can lead to issues when other people want to play as my preferred champions. Now, Riot is going to try making my life easier.

Energy’s Re Vera still undefeated

Re Vera is playing League of Legends in the DGL again, and once more they are dominating the competition. Do they have what it takes to go all the way?

League of Legends has how many players?

Some people think Dota 2 is huge. Sure, it can often get half a million people playing a day - that's nothing to sneeze at. But League of Legends is in a, uh, league of its own.

Free to Play games make bank in 2013

Free to Play games get a lot of flak - often referred to as pay to win, it's assumed that you actually need to pay money to enjoy them. While this may or may not be true, the reality is that these games rake in some big bucks, but you may be surprised which ones earn the most money.

League of Legends patches bugged by UK porn filter

According to the League of Legends subreddit, some UK players have had their patcher for LoL bugged by the porn filter due to coincidental file names having the word ‘sex’ in them. User LoLBoompje has outlined the probably cause of the problem, but remarks that it’s unlikely to affect existing customers of ISP’s who have only just implemented the porn filter for new customers.

LoL patch helps new players

Do you know how you can tell someone has been playing League of Legends for ages? They have all the champions and tons of skins. I remember my proud day when I purchased Ms Fortune - how nice to not have to way for her to be Free to Play. It can be hard for new players to master any champions because they just don't have enough access to them - now Riot is changing that.

What does it take to go eSport pro?

I remember when I first played League of Legends. I could easily play for at least 4-5 hours a day - it was fun and addictive and I felt like every game I played taught me something new about the gameplay and champions. Of course, I was still (and still am) an absolute n00b. However, there are plenty of excellent local teams that are getting sponsorships and winning tournaments - how can they make the leap to becoming eSports pros? One team asked Reddit, and got quite an earful.

LoL rewards you for verifying your email

It seems that everyone is upping their game when it comes to account security - maybe it's because tons of people keep on getting hacked, but increased authentication is becoming the norm. Now, League of Legends is adding email verification, but they'll make it worth your while.

Stop accusing Riot of being greedy

Season 4 of League of Legends is upon us - if you haven't already, now would be a good time to fiddle with your masteries and whatnot. However, there is no need to download a new client; Riot isn't releasing a new one for the new season. Some people took to Reddit to rage and call Riot greedy. Warning, their response includes some less-than family-friendly language.

HBO’s Real Sports laughs at eSports

Remember when I told you about Soledad O'Brien reporting for Real Sports on HBO about eSports? She looked at League of Legends and gave some pretty decent coverage of the eSports scene. Well, in their end of year debate, HBO completely undermined everything she spoke about and questioned eSports' validity as a sport.

Register now for 2014 DGL

2013 is winding down and we're all counting down the days until we skip out on work and frolic off on vacation. 2014 is almost here, and you can actually already register for next year's Do Gaming League!