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Sony being sued for Killzone resolution lies

Killzone: Shadow Fall is, like most Killzone games to be honest, style over substance. It’s a pretty, futuristic-looking shooter with a couple of neat and a more than competent, but ultimately underplayed multiplayer. And it’s that very multiplayer that’s the centre of a lawsuit against Sony – for misleading advertising.

Gearbox received zero royalties from Aliens: Colonial Marines

As much as I love the chaps over at Gearbox, it’s safe to say that they dropped the ball on Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game was simply terrible, and left many, many people properly pissed off. And it’s a game which has also made buggerall cash for the developer.

GTA V is being sued by the mob…wife

Where there’s a big game involved, there’s some big money involved. As well as a lawsuit or two. GTA V has already been hit with several and bounced back, leaving Lindsay Lohan looking even more desperate than usual. The latest court case for the hit game? One that involves the mob. Capisce?

Marvel drops the lawsuit hammer on Iron Man cosplay factory

As anyone in the local cosplay scene will tell you, getting your dream costume together ain’t cheap. And it’s not just cash either that can be a barrier, as most folks these days don’t have time, cash or the patience needed to learn the skills necessary for this hobby. One company wanted to make a few bucks off of Iron Man fans though, with 3D printed suits. Until Marvel dropped Mjolnir on them.

Lindsay Lohan is going after GTA V

Former child star and regular visitor to the Betty Ford clinic Lindsay Lohan isn’t too chuffed with GTA V, claiming that the game has made unauthorised use of her likeness.

Activision buy-back delayed by suit

We recently told you that Bobby Kotick and Brian Kelly had rallied to free Activizion-Blizzard from the shackles of its French Overlord Vivendi in a plan to buy the company back through an $8 billion deal. That has now been cock blocked.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is being sued

Are you still angry about Aliens Colonial Marines not living up to expectations or agreed gameplay footage? Well good news then, because I can help YOU get back at Gearbox and Sega for that travesty. It’s time to get your legal pants on, because we’ve got a lawsuit to file!

The Motorola / Xbox case is finally over… we won

It was about a year ago that a judge in the US ruled that Motorola would be allowed to stop all imports of the Xbox 360 into America until a patent lawsuit was completed. Thankfully some logic prevailed and the imports weren’t stopped but the case has been rumbling on and has finally come to a close..

German group sues Valve over Steam game ownership

Second hand games. They make the world go round, gamers love ‘em for the fact that they can use them as a form of currency and publishers despise them for the fact that they cannot ring out any extra cash from them when they go into that previously owned market. That’s something that you see a lot of in console games, and to a much lesser extent, PC games. Except for digital versions of games that is, because there is zero resale available on that format. None, nada, zilch! And that’s something that ze Germans aren’t too happy about at all.

Has Microsoft stolen IllumiRoom?

Microsoft stole a lot of headlines this week with their IllumiRoom reveal where they projected a 360 degree image across the room to enhance the immersive nature of gaming and other entertainment forms… but did they steal this idea from someone else?

Silicon Knights has to destroy their games

Cast your mind back to 2007. The final Harry Potter book arrived, the Writers Guild of America went on strike and the Japanese discover a 2100 year old melon. In other, more gaming related news from that year, Silicon Knights also launched a lawsuit against Epic over issues with the Unreal Engine. Did the developers of Too Human win that case? Nope! And now, they not only have to fork over some cash to Epic, but they’re going to have to destroy all their hard work as well.

Blizzard being sued over Battle.net Authentication

Hold the phone! Bell is suing Blizzard over the Authenticators for their games, seeking damages for "consumer fraud, unjust enrichment, negligence, breach of contract and bailment,”

Activision, West and Zampella finally settle their lawsuit


You might recall that a couple of years ago, two of the big brains behind Infinity Ward had a bit of an argument with publisher Activision, over some royalty payments which amounted to quite a few million dollars.

That led to the departure of Modern Warfare creators Jason West and Vince Zampella, a move which also resulted in a massive court case. It’s been dragging on for years now, or in the gaming industry, what is known as several epochs.

But it looks like that case has finally been settled.

Silicon Knights shafted in Epic trial

Five years ago, following the release of the maligned Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human, developer Silicon Knights instituted legal proceedings against Unreal Engine provider Epic Games.

After 5 years of legal  to-and-fro, the trial is finally over - and sees Silicon Knights get a kick in the teeth.

Assassin’s Creed 3 will release on time

Back in April Geoff posted up an article about how an author of a little know book had started legal proceedings against Ubisoft to stop the release of Assassin’s Creed 3 and to claim back royalties from all the previous releases.