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Is the Xbox One still failing to deliver the goods?

A completely unsubstantiated claim has lit up the Internet this morning stating that the Tomb Raider definitive edition is sub par on the Xbox One compared to how it plays on the PlayStation 4

Microsoft’s Games with Gold finally gets its act together

Sony changed the face of online networks when they released PlayStation Plus onto the gaming world and taking everyone by surprise by giving all their subscribers free games every month. What’s more is that these games were pretty new and generally very good.

Meet the new Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

If 2013 left one lasting impression on me, it was that this was the year that several remakes of popular games finally got the formula right. DmC: Devil May Cry tops my remake list, but Tomb Raider deserved and won plenty of love as well. And now the remake is getting a remake for next-gen consoles.

A Tomb Raider sequel could be announced at the VGX awards

One of the best failures of this year had to be the superb Tomb Raider reboot. Managing to shift 4 million units worldwide, the game fell short of the ludicroustacular expectations of publisher Square Enix. Still, the general consensus was that the game was damn good, and a sequel would be most welcome. We might be getting news of that sequel very soon then.

Tomb Raider review – Crafty Croft

I dread the word reboot. To me, reboot has become a swearword used to make more money by telling the exact same story again, but with new shiny bits and explosions. Then you get those shining examples, things I like to refer to as a 'reimagining' rather than a reboot. A recent example that springs to mind is DmC, where Ninja Theory gave a new story and new purpose to a franchise. Tomb Raider is one such reimagining.

The amazing hair of Tomb Raider

On the technical side, there’s a lot to love about the new Tomb Raider game. For starters, Lara isn’t a top-heavy fantasy, but a more realistic and grounded character. And the world that she happens to be inhabiting and constantly falling through, is rich and detailed. But all of that pales in comparison to the greatest piece of tech on display – her hair.

Tomb Raider Review Round up

We’ve already shown one publication’s tremendously high review score for the impending Tomb Raider reboot – but now that reviews are everywhere, it’s time to take a look to see if the newly redesigned Lara has her own merits, or is just a full circle, re-appropriated Nathan Drake. Here’s what critic have to say.

Tomb Raider gets its first review, PC specs revealed

After two months of moderately placed big game releases, March arrives to put a hurtin’ on your bank account. There’s a number of big games on the horizon, such as Bioshock Infinite, Sim City and Gears of War JudgEment. But it’s Tomb Raider that happens to be receiving the fair share of public adoration right now. It’s a reboot that has Lara Croft revealing how she became a tomb plunderering lady, and it’s doing this without the need for top-heavy visual eye-candy. So what’s the game like then? And more importantly, can your PC run it?

Tomb Raider game length revealed, sequel discussed

Tomb Raider finally arrives next year, and it puts a fresh spin on the iconic character, swapping bra sizes for actual character development. So just how long is that journey of self discovery then, and could it lead to a sequel? The answer? Maaaaaaybe!

When old and new collide

Here’s Internet sensation Freddie Wong’s latest video - showing what would happen if today’s modern world of videogame were to be invaded by the games of yesteryear, See favourite like Master chief, Nathan Drake and an unbelievably hot Lara Croft take on pixelated tanks, Space invaders, centipedes and other delightful retro sensations. Could have maybe done with an expanded cast of characters - but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.  (On that note, let us know who you’d have liked to see in this)

Who wins? Old School or new school?

Tomb Raider will have ‘iconic’ moments

The mark of a great game, is when it creates a moment that resonates with fans, instances in time that last for years. Moments such as Aeris dying, the first time that you walked out of a bunker and gazed on the world of Fallout 3, or when you performed your first fatality in Mortal Kombat. Tomb Raider reboots itself next year, and according to its developers, the game will have plenty of those memorable moments.

The Tomb Raider developer is not happy with the press

The developers behind the upcoming Tomb Raider are not happy with some of the coverage they have been receiving and instead of just being grumpy about it they’ve actually decided to release a press release to call out some of the criticism.

We’ll see you at the crossroads Lara, in this new Tomb Raider trailer

We’re pretty bummed that Tomb Raider isn’t going to be out this year on time. It’s been pushed back to March next year, but hey, at least we get to see more of the young adventurer, in time for E3!

Tomb Raider slips to a 2013 release date

Bad news everyone. It looks like the upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider, which had been noticeably quiet in recent months, has dropped from a late 2012 release, to an early 2013 debut instead.

Eidos has been hard at work on the fresh take of Lara Croft, with a stunning debut for it seen last year at E3, but they’ll be postponing the launch in order to put some extra polish on the title.

Which means that we’ll have to keep Geoff and his wrists away from the office silverware, as who knows what this news will do to him, shortly after hearing that Bioshock Infinite was also delayed, well into next year.

The new Lara Croft is designed to be practical, not sexy

So many great games are coming out next year, but the near the top of that list has to the plucky artifact discoverer herself, Lara Croft, as her next title looks set to reboot and reinvigorate the Tomb Raider franchise.

Some interesting design choices have been made so far, from the implementation of quick-time events to the representation of Lara as a younger, more fragile person who grows into her infamous role as the story progresses.

Of course, not everybody is happy that Ms. Croft has been redesigned from being a top-heavy adventurer into a more petite explorer, but there’s a reason for that, as Crystal Dynamics Art Director, Brian Horton, explains.