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Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 20 May 2015

I'm not entirely enamoured with the amount of attention remakes and remasters are getting on current-gen consoles. It sometimes seems like a complete waste to focus so much energy and time on upscaling and optimising old games to look better - so that the collective majority can maybe play it again. God of War falls under the banner of "Why is this getting remastered?", but even I have to admit that it looks rather gorgeous.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 11 Dec 2014

If there’s one thing I hate in fighting games, it’s console exclusive characters. It’s something Namco pulled last gen with Soul Calibur IV – with Star Wars’ Yoda bizarrely appearing in the Xbox 360 version, while PlayStation 3 owners got Darth Vader instead.  In Street Fighter X Tekken, the fat Mega Man was exclusive to PlayStation platforms. In the last Mortal Kombat, God of War’s Kratos was a bonus character in the PlayStation version of the game. It's stupid, because if the game gets picked up in the tournament scene, those characters end up being banned anyway. It doesn’t look like the same will happen in Mortal Kombat X.

Posted by Garth Holden - 12 Mar 2013

We all know how it plays out. In five titles Kratos has killed gods, titans, the Fates, his peers, innocents and his own family. He is the ultimate warrior, showing no mercy, weakness or compassion. He is rage incarnate, snuffing out the life of everything around him. But under all that rage, all that shouting and unbridled destruction, there is a man. A human.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 27 Feb 2013

It’s about two weeks until we see the next (previous?) chapter in the God of War Saga with the prequel, God of War: Ascension. It’s probably the very last one we’ll see on the current gen – and by all accounts quite nearly maximises the PlayStation 3’s potential . You can now see it for yourself, because the game’s single player demo is now available to all PS3 users worldwide. Sony’s also released a brand new trailer for the game, which you can see after the jump.

Posted by Yolanda Green - 01 Feb 2013

I’ve always been absolutely crazy about the God of War games, mostly for the story. So when I saw that there is this video of the first half an hour of the God of War: Ascension single-player campaign I was so conflicted but I clicked it anyway. Want to see? Obviously, there are spoilers. 

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 25 Jul 2012

The next God of War, Ascension, seems to be toying a bit too much with a character that’s been established as a completely ruthless badass. We already know that Kratos will keep his *ahem* weapon sheathed when it comes to women. According to Todd Papy, the game’s director, Kratos will be more “likable” and “somewhat” relatable in Ascension.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 02 May 2012

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Kratos has always been a one man army wrapped in chains and fashionable armour, but he’s never been much of a team player. That’s all set to change soon when God of War: Ascension releases, as the prequel will include several multiplayer modes, which Sony claims will give competitive gaming a “fresh twist”.

Whether that’s from a blade or a concept, no one knows yet.

Posted by Tauriq Moosa - 20 Oct 2011

The second God of War HD Collection is here. Another two games which begin with the manliest of men, Kratos, glaring at you, while an orchestra beats itself to death in the background and something either burns, rains or screams, too. Why would you NOT want to play it?

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 15 Apr 2011

As you rabid Mortal Kombat enthusiasts are aware the PS3 version of the brand new MK game will feature none other that God of War’s pasty-faced, vengeful Kratos as a playable character. A video’s been leaked online showing his particularly gruesome video, showing Xbox gamers what they’ll be missing out on – possibly being the swaying vote for multi-console owners unsure of which version to get. I mean, the 360 version gets to use Xbox Live Avatars, so it’s a pretty tough call. Video’s after the jump. Here’s the obligatory spoiler warning for those of you who want a virgin experience when you play it first-hand.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 05 Apr 2011

You’re likely aware by now that the PS3 version of the imminent Mortal Kombat 9 will be getting God of War’s Kratos as an exclusive playable character. He’s the perfect fit, starring in a horribly violent game of his own. If you’re a multi-console owner waiting to see who might be available as an extra character before you pre-ordered, you might just be disappointed. It seems earlier reports were true, and the Xbox 360 version isn’t getting an extra character at all. There go any hopes for Halo’s Master Chief, Gears of War’s Cole Train or Ryu from Ninja Gaiden. Don’t be too sad, Xbox 360 owners. You might not be getting your own exclusive bad-ass, but you will be getting a host of other exclusive options…

Posted by Ian Felmore - 24 Mar 2011

Earlier today Gavin appealed to all the poor 360 owners that won’t be getting Kratos as a playable character in Mortal Kombat, and let out some exclusive details for the Xbox 360 version. Now I am here to give all you awesome PS3 owners a taste of what you will be getting when you head down to pick up the game next month. So to honour the part god, part man with the unquenchable thirst for revenge and blood, we give you the latest gameplay trailer showing Kratos doing what Kratos does best. Hit the jump for awesomeness.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 24 Mar 2011

Mortal Kombat’s release is just around the corner and if you’re a PS3 owner then you already know that you are going to be getting Kratos as your exclusive character but what about the poor Xbox 360 players? Well according to Ed Boon there is something in the works for you as well.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 10 Jan 2011

When it was announced a little while back that we would be seeing Kratos in the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat I was quite excited to see who the Xbox 360 version would have. I couldn't see Marcus or Dom being much use in a Mortal Kombat game and while sam Fisher may have been perfect I really had my heart set on either Splosion Man or RROD Man.