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Remake of original Metal Gear by fans gets shut down by Konami

Metal Gear has been an incredibly long running series. How long you ask? Well, 27 years , a year older than I am in fact! 1987 saw the release of the first game, and it has since gone on to spawn a bunch of box filled espionage sequels.  There was a fan remake of the original in the works. It has since been shut down by Konami.

Hideo Kojima is making a Silent Hill game

Some people are inextricably linked to signature game franchises. You can’t imagine Gears Of War without Cliffy B, or Peter Molyneux without a game that promises you the stars and instead proceeds to punch your nuts into a concave shape. When it comes to Hideo Kojima, that man will forever be known as the architect of Metal Gear Solid. But he has worked on other games in the past. And for the future, he’ll be tackling Silent Hill. Can I get a hell yeah?

PES 2014 was a ‘half-done’ game

Mention football games around here, and folks immediately gravitate to the beautiful game as digitally constructed in the FIFA series. But PES? Man, those stories get more scorn than a business that specialises in getting rid of unwanted puppies. Last year’s PES 2014 however, hit a new benchmark for public hate, with a public Metacritic score right now of 4.5. That’s pretty low, and it might have something to do with the fact that the game was a buggy mess.

Even PES 2015 has microtransactions now

Last week Konami announced that this year’s edition of Pro Evolution Soccer would receive a nice little micotransaction addition. Naturally only a very few people took notice. That could be because only very few people still play PES after the terrible game they put out last year.

E3 2014 – Metal Gear Solid V: the Phantom Pain preview

The latest iteration of Metal Gear Solid offers the most realistic and engaging open world experience - take on each aspect of the game however you see fit. Too good to be true? No! This game looks like it will actually deliver on its promises.

Konami Breaking News

Check out the beautiful visuals of the Tokyo Game Show 2014

I’ve been to a number of trade shows, but I’ve yet to turn in a solid hat trick for my E3 and Gamescom trips by throwing the Tokyo Games Show into the mix. It’s the one show that I’d be both excited and terrified to travel. Excited because Japan! Terrified because I’m the kind of guy who gets hopelessly lost in countries where people speak a language that I understand.

Capcom’s making money again

Last year was Capcom’s least profitable year since 2006. The company’s been in financial doldrums for quite some time – but it looks like things are starting to pick up for the publisher. The company’s divulged its fiscal report ending March 31, 2014, and it’s actually making money.

No platinum trophy for Metal Gear Solid 5:Ground Zeroes

Trophies, achievements and various other bits of digital showboating, gamers do not need this. But then again, I hold a trophy in Resogun that only 3% of other players possess so suck it. Whether you buy into them or not, Trophies are here to stay, with platinum being the creme de la creme of spending too much time playing a game. Just don’t expect MGS:Ground Zeroes to have any platinum trophies.

PES 2015 co-developed by UK studio

Pro Evolution Soccer has been in a bit of slump, failing to compete with FIFA’s endless budget. Konami seems to have realised that Pro Evo was on a downward spiral and is doing all it can to ensure that the next game in the beleaguered football sim will be better. The game, says Konami, is “ready for a comeback”

PES 2015 is coming to PS4

Konami’s regularly reiterated that its latest footie sim, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 would not be headed to next-gen consoles, despite this year’s FIFA making the jump. It has, however, just confirmed that its next game will indeed be gracing the PS4.

Lords of Shadow 2 gets a bloody nice Collector’s Edition

I am, as I told you in my preview, pretty damned excited for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The first one was an unexpected gem. I may just break my “no special edition” rule for this game – because the “Dracula’s Tomb Premium Edition’  is magnificent.

You can finally play PES 14 online on Xbox 360

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 14 was released over a month ago – and unfortunately for Xbox 360 gamers, the online multiplayer has been broken. While PS3 and PC gamers have been able to take on their friends in the beautiful game, Xbox 360 gamers have had to contend with playing all by themselves. That is no longer the case.

PES 2014 review round up

It’s very nearly digital football season, with both of the heavy-weight footie sims out this month, Pro Evo 14 is the first out of the gate, and the first of the series in a long time to run on an all-new engine; the same bit of technical wizardry that’ll power the next Metal Gear solid games. It’s out tomorrow in SA (and other PAL territories), with FIFA 14 hitting shelves next week. While uber footie fans will end up with both, the more discerning gamer will probably only end up with one…but which?

PES 2014: An interview with Naoya Hatsumi

While at Gamescom 2013 this year I was given the opportunity to sit in on a mini group-interview with Naoya Hatsumi, the Senior Producer of the upcoming PES 2014.