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Kinect could play your theme song

I have such mixed feelings about the Kinect. I honestly do think it's the closest thing to "future tech" that we have right now - voice and gesture commands are pretty cool. However, the big brother concern is always prevalent. If I had a theme song, that might just make it all better.

Rumour: Kinect has a 2% failure rate

The original Xbox 360 was renowned for its incredible failure rate of around 54% which forced Microsoft into a billion dollar warranty extension to save the division. So when the Xbox One was announced and released all eyes were on the hardware failure rate.

Is Microsoft exploring virtual reality options for Xbox?

Don’t worry guys, this stuff is only virtually real. The Oculus Rift has the attention of the world right now, with Sony set to release their own VR kit one of these days, presumably while Nintendo tries to bury the memory of the 3D Virtual Boy. Now add Microsoft to that rumour list, as it looks like the house of Xbox is also wanting to enter the goofy headset market.

Kinect is “irrelevant,” says Pachter

Hate him or love to hate him, but whenever industry analyst Michael Pachter opens his mouth he says something interesting – even if you don't necessarily agree with it. I’ve a pretty good feeling many of you will agree with him this time though. He’s said that Kinect is “irrelevant.”

The Xbox One’s getting a media remote

If you’re an Xbox One owners tired of shouting at your TV to get it to do things like open Netflix, switch to other media apps or control your Blu-ray discs or any other media related things, Microsoft’s got just the thing for you; the Xbox One controller that comes with your console. Or Smartglass. Or gestures using Kinect, because you are the controller. Yesterday, they announced another thing to do that job; a media remote.

More rumours of a Kinectless Xbox One

Microsoft’s newest console, the Xbox One is a fine bit of tech, and it’s doing pretty well – but not nearly as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4. Its games don’t run as well, it’s more expensive and it’s bundled with Kinect. If the rumours are correct, Microsoft may just be trying to fix the latter two problems.

Four months on Xbox 360 nets Pizza Hut $1 million

I love a good pepperoni pizza. For years, I hated to phone for delivery, though - what if they asked weird questions, or we didn't understand each other? Pizza Hut knew gamers were not always keen on picking up the phone, and their Xbox 360 app can only be called a success.

Redeeming a code with Xbox One is ridiculously fast

Alright, we all know that you can tell your Xbox to turn itself on and off. Kind of like being married. In any event, it's all possible because of the new Kinect, which can also scan your QR codes. It can do all this faster than you might imagine.

Here’s how you’ll control your Xbox with Kinect


I’ve always been a pretty big proponent of buttons and other inputs you can actually touch; to that end, I haven’t really enjoyed Kinect in its current iteration very much – and it remains an unused, dusty peripheral that sits atop my TV. That could end up changing with the Xbox One – because it’s voice control options are actually quite impressive.

Xbox builds its future in the cloud

Microsoft has told us about the cloud, and they've told us about the Kinect, but apparently we just don't see why they're so awesome. Now, we get a new video spelling it out for us - and to be honest, I think it's pretty cool. Kinect may still be creepy, but at least it's not ONLY creepy.

Xbox One breakthrough product of 2013

Popular Mechanics is a much loved magazine, particularly popular in the US of A. Every year, they make their top 10 list of products that showed innovation and transformation. Guess what, the Xbox One landed on the list!

Why the PlayStation 4’s camera isn’t bundled

Sony’s PlayStation 4, very much unlike Microsoft’s Xbox One, doesn’t force a camera peripheral on users. Why is that?

Microsoft isn’t using the Kinect for advertising…yet

A new rumour popped up last week that Microsoft were planning on using the Kinect to record your face and emotions and then upload this data to the cloud, they would then match the advertising you see to the mood you currently are in.

Microsoft can unlock more Xbox One GPU power

Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox One, is widely believed to be just that little bit less powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4. Recent increases to both the GPU and CPU clocks have lessened the gap, and according to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, in future the gap could be even smaller. They reveal that a full 10 per cent of the of the system’s graphics capability is currently reserved for Kinect and apps, but that it could be unlocked to game developers in the future.

Battlefield 4 getting Kinect head-tracking

DICE confirmed a while back that Battlefield 4 would be tailored to each platforms strengths, and as such would include some sort of Kinect functionality. They’ve now detailed  how Kinect  and companion devices loaded with Smartlgass will be used in the Xbox One version of the game.