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The PlayStation 4 is still outselling the Xbox One

Yesterday, we gave you the grand news that the Xbox One’s retail sales performance has doubled since Microsoft made the rather wise decision to excise Kinect and sell the thing as a separate, optional accessory. That’s magnificent news for Microsoft and Xbox fans…pity the PlayStation 4 is still outselling the thing.

Xbox One sales have doubled since the Kinect was dropped

Ever since Microsoft debuted the Kinect a couple if years ago, it’s been a hard sell for the company. The pinnacle of wiggle tech, the response to the device by gamers hasn’t exactly been overwhelming. And it received a less than enthusiastic welcome when the Xbox One initially bundled the hardware with the console. Times changed, and Microsoft eventually dropped the Kinect as a mandatory Xbox One organ. And that’s had a positive effect on sales.

A new TMNT game might be incoming…for Kinect

I’m not sure everyone can agree on whether the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie looks good or not. One thing I’m sure most people will agree on is that we really, really need a good TMNT game. There was a little Xbox Live Arcade title a while back that was pretty horrible, and since then we’ve only heard of a 3DS game that will launch with the movie. A new rumour suggests that might not be the only TMNT game we get this year.

Kinect is your backseat driver in Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 stands as one of my more anticipated titles for this year, purely because the first one was just far too awesome. Microsoft spoke a lot about the title at E3, including its vast open world, some of the various cars you get to abuse and its impressive visuals.

Microsoft: People love Kinect!

Last month, Microsoft announced that you’d be able to purchase an Xbox One without their silly motion-sensing peripheral bundled with it. This has resulted in far more people being quite excited about the prospects of getting an Xbox One. That, coupled with the derision directed at Kinect lead to an obvious conclusion; people hate the damned thing.  Microsoft says that’s not the case.

Phil Spencer on why you should choose Xbox One over PS4

Microsoft had a pretty good E3 showing, and they’ve convinced a fair number of bros dudes dudebros gamers that they need an Xbox One. Many of you will be far harder to convince. Phil Spencer thinks you should most certainly get an Xbox One instead of a PS4. Here’s why.

Xbox One’s getting a little more power this month

We told you already that in theory, the Xbox One could become a little more powerful now that Kinect, with its 10% GPU reservation, was becoming wholly optional. According to Microsoft’s new Xbox Head, that’s becoming a reality, as a new version of the Xbox Development Kit software goes out this month.

The Xbox One almost had Kinect built in

Microsoft has made the wise decision to unbundle the Xbox One from Kinect, offering consumers a cheaper console. It hasn’t gone on sale yet, but once it does, I expect the Xbox One to experience a considerable sales spike. If things had been a little different, the Kinect excision would have been impossible. It was nearly built right in to the console.

The Xbox One plan to remove Kinect began in April

We’ve already spoken at length about our thoughts on the Xbox One finally making the Kinect an option instead of a mandatory and expensive piece of tech that few are interested in. But the decision to cut that hardware out of the console wasn’t made lightly, as Xbox head Phil Spencer recently explained.

What we think of the Xbox One dropping the Kinect

In the biggest 180 since their DRM reversal, Microsoft has now announced a new Xbox One - one without the all-seeing-eye of the Kinect. While most are rejoicing at the new price and absence of useless motion commands, some feel that this is a step backwards for Microsoft. So, to help you form your own opinions, here are the views of the Lazygamer crew.

Could cutting Kinect mean a more powerful Xbox One?

Microsoft’s Xbox One reserved a set amount of its power to run Kinect and its three-tiered operating system. The big news at the moment is that Microsoft is dropping Kinect like a particularly warm edible tuber. Could dropping Kinect mean that power could be used for games?

Xbox One available without Kinect

The one thing that would have to happen for Microsoft to win over the public with its Xbox one would be to drop Kinect, and lower the price. That’s inconceivable, right? Nope. It’s happening.

Kinect could play your theme song

I have such mixed feelings about the Kinect. I honestly do think it's the closest thing to "future tech" that we have right now - voice and gesture commands are pretty cool. However, the big brother concern is always prevalent. If I had a theme song, that might just make it all better.

Rumour: Kinect has a 2% failure rate

The original Xbox 360 was renowned for its incredible failure rate of around 54% which forced Microsoft into a billion dollar warranty extension to save the division. So when the Xbox One was announced and released all eyes were on the hardware failure rate.

Is Microsoft exploring virtual reality options for Xbox?

Don’t worry guys, this stuff is only virtually real. The Oculus Rift has the attention of the world right now, with Sony set to release their own VR kit one of these days, presumably while Nintendo tries to bury the memory of the 3D Virtual Boy. Now add Microsoft to that rumour list, as it looks like the house of Xbox is also wanting to enter the goofy headset market.