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Kevin Butler is back… no wait this isn’t right

I still stand by my assertion that Kevin Butler is the reason the PlayStation 3 was saved in the current generation. When he arrived on the scene the PS3 was seriously struggling to keep up with the Xbox 360 and within a few short months it all turned around and the PS3 came screaming back.

Steelseries Kana review – Lightweight champion

I find myself in a kind of love - hate relationship with the Kana mouse from Steelseries. I love the functionality, but don't quite love the design as much, although it has kind of grown on me.

No LAN For StarCraft II & A Few New Screens

Blizzard Entertainments senior VP for game design, Rob Pardo has confirmed a massive disappointment for the long awaited StarCraft 2 title. Yep as you may have realized by reading the title of this article, he stated that the development team,
don't have any plans to support LAN... we will not support it... The only multiplayer available will be on Battle.net.