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Logitech G19s gaming keyboard reviewed

Logitech, once one of the very best in PC gaming peripherals, kinda just skulked out of the market, leaving people like Steelseries and Razer to take over. Now they’re back in a big way with a new range of their “G” branded gaming peripherals. One such peripheral is their top-of-the-line G19s keyboard, which packs a wealth of functionality in to it that you didn’t know you even wanted.

Geek out! Take my money

Here is some of the most amazing geek stuff I’ve seen lately. From iron thrones to keyboard sandals, some one please make me a millionaire! I’ll be dreaming about these all weekend.

Steelseries G6V/2 Pro Gaming Keyboard review – The iron gauntlet

 When I go into combat I take the biggest weapon I can. I get the tank with better armour, or I take along someone who can repair it for me. If there are no tanks available (boo!), I go for something two-handed and heavy. So why are you using that flimsy keyboard over there? Are you scared of having something more powerful than yourself? Could Bane use it without breaking its back? No, he couldn't! Meet the juggernaut of keyboards.