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Win a digital copy of Titanfall for PC!

If it wasn’t for the lovely folks at Evopoints, most of us here in South Africa wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to play Titanfall. South Africa’s been denied one of the year’s biggest games because network performance, they say,  just wasn’t up to scratch. Maybe you’re wary of buying game keys off the internet, or maybe you’re not convinced the lag will be bearable – so you’ve opted to not grab Titanfall right now. So thanks to Evopoints, we’re giving one away.

New Borderlands 2 golden keys, right here!

Well Borderlands 2 certainly cleaned up nicely at the Spike VGAs last night. In celebration of all the love bestowed upon it, the crew at Gearbox Software are celebrating by handing out brand new Shift codes to the community, that’ll be active for the entire weekend. Want ‘em? Then click on through the jump and reclaim them!

Don’t miss out on these free Borderlands 2 golden keys!

There’s nothing better in Borderlands 2, than that sweet moment when you get your hands on a rare gun. Maybe it’s a shotgun with the AI of a homicidal robot within it, asking you to kill more humans, or a revolver that could crack the planet with the sheer power behind each bullet fired. But you’d sooner see me hug a hipster than find one of those weapons. Unless you had a golden key for that special chest in Sanctuary, that is. Here’s how you can score some loot this weekend.

Ubisoft may have forgotten to ship some activation codes with Rocksmith

One plus side to PC Gaming this year, is that publisher Ubisoft finally dropped their always-on DRM requirement for games earlier this year. Totally ineffectual, and a pain in the animus to gamers who bought their games legitimately, the easily bypassed system has gone the way of the dodo. One security feature that is still around however, is activation keys. Unless you ordered Rocksmith that is, which might not even have the code to play, within the box.

Win a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta key!

If you’re not interested in doing any console witchering right now in our other contest, then maybe a few rounds of fighting soldiers and terrorists on the PC will be more to your liking.

Mweb Gamezone recently announced that they’ll be hosting the Beta servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, much to the relief of, well, everyone, and to celebrate, we’ve got three Beta keys to give away to a trio of lucky and local steam account holders.

Want them? Here’s what ya gotta do soldier/insurgent.