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Posted by Matthew Figueira - 06 Oct 2014

Halloween is just a few short weeks away. It brings with it the usual costume wearing shenanigans and an increase in candy sales by 9862%. It also ushers in a brief period of lots of themed content across several games. Blizzard for example spend the latter part of October celebrating what they call Hallow’s End – basically Halloween, but with an almost completely different name! What content can Heroes of the Storm fans expect?

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 20 Aug 2014

Well I sure as hell can’t, that’s for certain. Blizzard has been pimping the collectible side of their games for quite a few years now, with everything from World of Warcraft panda dolls to Diablo skateboard decks being offered. Add another piece of merch to the pile, with this expensive yet sexy statue of the Queen Of Blades herself, Kerrigan.

Posted by Garth Holden - 20 Mar 2013

Much has happened since the end of Wings of Liberty. With old friends buried and Kerrigan missing a great deal of her memories, things aren’t really looking up for Raynor’s Raiders and his allies. Mengsk is out for blood, determined to wipe Kerrigan out in her weakened state.