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Sony sells off Square Enix stock

Despite achieving fantastic sales figures for the PS4, Sony has been struggling as a corporation. They've been taking all kinds of drastic steps to save the company, the latest of which is to sell off shares to bring in some extra cash.

Over 6 million PlayStation 4’s sold

It was just before the launch of the console in its native Japan that we told you Sony had sold through over 4 million black boxes. We’ve been waiting to see how much that number would change after the console’s release in its home market. The answer is : lots.

No “always online” requirement for PlayStation 4

Will the next generation Xbox require a perpetual internet connection, or will it work just fine for those without access? We don’t know – but we do know that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has no such connection requirement. Because Sony said so.

Will Sony’s PlayStation 4 be last out of the gate?

Microsoft kicked off this generation of consoles with the Xbox 360, getting a head-start on the competition by a year. It gave them a pretty significant lead, and helped the Xbox become the number one console in North America. You’d imagine that Sony would do its best to get the jump with next-gen – but you’d be wrong.

PS Vita sales are at the low end of the spectrum

Speaking at CES in Las Vegas Kaz Hirai has admitted that the sales of the PS Vita are towards the lower end of their expectations but he doesn’t think that it is anything to worry about. Yet.

So…how’s the PlayStation Vita doing then?

Every week, Sony’s sexy new handheld, the PlayStation Vita sells fewer and fewer units. It’s a damned shame, because it really is one of the most beautiful, feature-packed handhelds I’ve ever rubbed all over my naked body had the pleasure of playing on.

In a recent investor call, Sony Overlord (that is his official title, right?) Kaz Hirai revealed that as of the end of March this year, the device had sold under 2 million units globally. While I have no doubt the figure’s now well over 2 million, it has to be said that that’s pretty poor for a device that’s been available in some territories since December last year.

Sony’s haemorrhaging money

Sony’s announced its latest batch of financials - and things are not looking particularly rosy for the global electronics and media giant.

For the fourth year in a row, the company will be posting a staggering loss - this time to the tune of $2.9 billion.

No PlayStation 4 at E3, says Sony

Rumours have been swirling thick that both Microsoft and Sony would be debuting their next-generation hardware at E3 this year, taking the wind out of Nintendo’s Wii-U powered sails. According to Sony, that’s just not happening.

Both Sony Computer Entertainment and parent Sony Corp. have come out in strong denial of the rumours - so you can rein in your enthusiasm and put off getting that second job. For now.

The PlayStation Vita will be out this year

And you could own one, if you happen to live in Japan or are willing to import one for a boatload of money. Otherwise you’ll have to be patient like the rest of us and wait until its US and Euro release early next year.

Kaz : PSP Go Market Wasn’t as Big as PSP-3000’s

Thank you, Captain Obvious. “I think we did cater for a market, albeit not as big as the traditional PSP-3000 market,” Kaz Hirai told MCV. “It is the first time we have done that with any of our devices, and we did get a lot of feedback, both good and bad. Do you think maybe that some of the feedback was that – despite it being a sexy bit of kit – it was too damned expensive, and the inability to play UMD’s actually alienated PSP fans? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Kaz Hirai Rubbishes 3DS Technology

Nintendo’s 3DS had a really good showing at E3. It caused stampedes of gamers trying to get in to the long queues to play the device. By all accounts it works – and it works really well.

Despite that, and despite not actually seeing or using the device himself, Sony’s Kaz Hirai has downplayed the technology, calling it imprecise.

Sony Computer Entertainment closing down on the 1st of April… no fools

Xbots of the universe rejoice, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced it will be closing down on the 1st of April 2010.

That’s it, the war is over we can all go home now…

Oh in other news Sony has announced it is creating a new department that will be responsible for entertainment and personal computing entitled SNEP… Sony Network Electronics Platform or as we like to call it, the PSN.

CES 2010 : Many PS3’s Sold This Holiday

This holiday season past (boo!) was expected to be a bumper one for the Playstation 3, thanks largely to the launch of the reduced cost PS3 Slim – and the stellar line-up of games the system has on offer. At CES, resident Sony space cadet Kaz Hirai confirmed just how well the PS3 had done this holiday – and it’s a sizeable 76% increase over the previous year.
PS3 Globes are going to have force feedback

PS3 Globes are going to have force feedback

First up I think it’s about time Sony gave these things a name. The most common name for their upcoming motion controller is The Wand but I have heard some of the dev’s calling it The Globe and to be honest I prefer that one.

Anyway at TGS this morning Kaz Hirai has been giving the keynote speech and one of the more interesting points he made is that the upcoming PS3 motion control sticks are going to be released in Spring (our Autumn) 2010 and they will be providing slight vibration feedback.

I would presume in the same way that the Wii does at the moment.

Kaz Hirai talks and actually makes sense

Kaz Hirai has long been one of my favourite executives, not because he is really good at his job or is a shining light in our industry... but because he is so passionate about Sony that he often shoots his mouth off with absolute garbage that gives us pages and pages of news to report on. However this one is different, Kaz has managed to get his viewpoint across about hardcore gamers in a good way and makes a whole lot of sense.