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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 13 Nov 2012

Codemasters, the folks behind Formula 1, DiRT and Grid is a veritable grand force when it comes to racing; so much so that they’ve recently refocused to doing little but racing titles. Known for their technical grasp of racing physics, their latest game might be a bit of a surprise in this post Micro-Machines world; a Formula 1 based arcade Kart Racer.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 23 Aug 2010

Do you remember that video we posted a few days ago showing the go kart racing that was revealed in Gran Turismo 5? Well that racing was set around the Piazza del Campo which is an historic public place in Italy that apparently is very important to some people.

The catch is that to use it’s imagery you need to get permission from the Consortium for the Protection of the Palio, which shouldn’t be much of a problem except that the CEO, Anna Carli, of said organisation categorically states that they won’t give that permission.