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Iwata remembers Pokemon sells units

If there's one thing fans have been clambering for, it's Pokemon on the Wii U. Bring us a Pokemon MMO through the Wii U and you might just cause a global economic crisis as everyone spends all their money in game and completely stops working. Could Nintendo be considering this? Well, at least they seem to know of the potential.

Nintendo boss takes massive pay cut

You have to love the Japanese and their humility. When they feel responsible for something, they’ll own up to it and suffer the consequences as a result. That’s exactly what’s happening over at Nintendo, which has seen its third straight annual loss in a row.

Nintendo won’t fire staff to please shareholders

We hear it all too often in the gaming industry; people getting fired and whole teams being let go because shareholders just aren’t able to put enough gold-crusted caviar on their end-of-the-month Salticrax. Nintendo’s shareholder’s aren’t the happiest at the moment, wit the Wii U’s poor sales – and they’ve asked Nintendo President why he hasn’t done any sort of corporate restructuring (read: lay-offs) despite the company incurring losses for the last two periods.

Pachter Attacks Nintendo and its “poor CEO”

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has always worn his black heart on his tattered sleeve when it comes to Nintendo – but in the latest episode of Pach attack, he got his knives out, ripping the company a new one, saying that Nintendo is a bad company, run by a poor CEO.

2013 is the year of Luigi

Man, Mario gets all the attention; the best mushrooms and even all the girls. That all changes this year, because it’s the year of Luigi. That’s the overall message from the perpetually delightful Nintendo president Satoru Iwata from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct.

New Mario, Zelda and Yoshi headline the first party games of the Wii U

I love the Wii U, but dammit, the console is on some shaky ground right now. Despite having a great launch with some top level games thrown in from DarkSiders 2 to the latest addition to the Super Mario Bros franchise, the console is having a hard time remaining relevant. And quite simply, that’s because it needs more games. And fortunately, that’s exactly what's going to happen according to the latest Nintendo Direct conference, because some heavy-hitting first party titles are on the way.

Nintendo won’t repeat its 3DS mistakes with Wii U

When the 3Ds launched, it did so at a price that many felt was just a tad too high. As a result, sales of the device slumped until the company decided to slash its price in a drastic attempt to further the device’s momentum. Nintendo doesn’t want to repeat that costly cost mistake - so expect the system to be…affordable.

Nintendo is like, really sorry you guys

Still feeling a little stung over the recent announcement that Nintendo is going to drastically slash the price of the 3DS? Are those free games, which you need online access and a quick region change workaround for, not appealing to you in any way? Well then, Nintendo has something more substantial for you then. An apology. From the heart.