It’s coming Tag

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 15 Feb 2013

We, like pretty much everyone else in the industry, are about 97 and a half per cent convinced that Sony will begin showcasing its brand new, next generation console hardware next week. The company’s hosting a “Future of PlayStation” event next week, where it’s presumed it’ll officially be kicking off the next-gen war. Unofficially, the company’s already put on its gloves and taken a few deft jabs at the competition.

Posted by Peter Carmody - 29 Apr 2011

Since the rather disappointing news back in 2009 that Diablo 3 would not be released during the following year either, there has been no concrete evidence or mention of an actual release date, leaving fans of the previous titles in somewhat of a forlorn state. Unfortunately, while Diablo 3’s Director Jay Wilson made no mention as to when the protracted title could be expected, he did recently tell the New York Times that Blizzard are making progress with the game, "definitely in the home stretch. We’re crunching. This is when the magic happens”, said Wilson.