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Japan, what have you done to the Avengers?

Just because western markets have a habit of butchering classic movies and TV shows from other countries, it doesn’t mean that our content is safe either. Take for instance the latest anime starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (A trademark of Disney Inc.), in which Japan finally enacts their revenge for the remake of 47 Ronin.

This Whiplash figure from Iron Man can make salute!

Man, I love me some action figures. Not that I unwrap them from their mint on card packaging and play with them or anything. Nope nope, that ain’t me. But damn, some figures are gorgeous, and even though Whiplash here sports the face of Mickey Rooney Rourke, that Mark II armour made me do a double-take.

This Iron Man suit will go to infinity and beyond

As a fan of cosplay, the holy grail for me is to one day build an Iron Man costume. Of course, my plan to become a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist weapons designer who gets kidnapped by insurgents and forced to build one in a dingy cave is still in the early stages, but I’d settle for this figure of the Mark 39 suit worn by Tony Stark as well.

Marvel drops the lawsuit hammer on Iron Man cosplay factory

As anyone in the local cosplay scene will tell you, getting your dream costume together ain’t cheap. And it’s not just cash either that can be a barrier, as most folks these days don’t have time, cash or the patience needed to learn the skills necessary for this hobby. One company wanted to make a few bucks off of Iron Man fans though, with 3D printed suits. Until Marvel dropped Mjolnir on them.

This couple fought their way through ninjas, Iron Man and Batman in order to be wed

Times are changing, and with it age old traditions. Take weddings for example. The holy union of man and wife/man and man/woman and woman/man and that sexy hole in the wall is giving way to legal partnerships and unions. What a wedding needs in order to survive, is some magic. Which is what this union had bucket-loads of.

This Mandarin action figure will teach you a lesson

Ladies. Children. Geoff. Ready for another lesson? Then pay attention. Lesson number one. Did you know that GI Joe toys were originally going to be called Butch Army Infantry? And that buying this highly detailed action figure will have dozens of panties/underwear thrown at you?

Somebody is going to be Thor after playing with these Avengers dildos

Earth’s mightiest marital aids…ASSEMBLE! (WARNING: NSFW)

Iron Man in 60 sixty seconds, Mega Man Style

Here’s a pretty cool video – showing the entirety of the first Iron Man film in just a little over a minute. The coolest thing? It’s done in 8-bit style, looking very much like Mega-Man. It’s a little too clean with too many on-screen colours, making it look more like a 16-bit game – but it’s pretty neat anyway. Plus, it’s more Mega-man than Capcom’s given us in years.

So you want to be Iron Man?

I totally get you. You’ve just seen the latest Iron Man movie, and you reckon that with your bitchin’ three days of not shaving, you’d make a great Tony Stark. Of course, to be a member of the Avengers, you’re going to need more than just charm, billions of dollars and an impressively massive amount of brain power that is decades ahead of anyone. You’re going to need some armour. And you can have all that, for a price.

The Iron Patriot is a star-spangled dream collectible

In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s a certain rad-looking film on the way by the name of Iron Man 3. It cost about as much to make as what we received in kickbacks for that positive Bioshock: Infinite review, and stars pretty people. But enough about them, because like any other high budget film, it also has…toys!

Grab 700 free comics for your tablet right now

I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some comics. Especially on my iPad. While I’m still keen on collecting the more tradtional trade paperbacks of my favourite titles, Reading a single issue or two on the Jobs tablet is actually kind of rad. And quicker than waiting for stock to arrive. It can be costly though. So how about getting your mitts on 700 free comics right now, for that device?

What happens when Pokémon meets The Avengers?

While certain things in life are great on their own, they’re even better when they cross paths. I’m talking about salt and vinegar chips. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. Batman and Robin. Pepsi and whisky! Now imagine how great it would be, if Nintendo could crank out a game starring their pocket monster license to print cash, with earth’s mightiest heroes!


Iron Man toys are a dime a dozen. I can’t even walk into a Pick n Pay these days without seeing a certain armoured avenger and his Movember face. But a toy based on the villainous Obadiah Stane and his armoured getup from the first film? That’s rarer than the word “compound” on a SABC news report. But finally, for anyone who has always wanted to own a big Lebowski action figure, that was bald and smothered in armour, here it is!

This Iron Man is a billionaire,playboy, philanthropist zombie

The Iron Man, one of the coolest visual ideas in comic books today. Mega-popular in cosplay circles, it’s also one of the most damned difficult suits to actually make accurate. A lot of people fail. A lot of people succeed. And then you get one guy who succeeds and wants to eat your brains. Wait, what?

Lazygamer TV – How to make a dream Avengers game


By now, pretty much everyone in the world has been to the cinemas, to go and watch the superhero blockbuster that is The Avengers. At least twice. The film has been getting some rave reviews, and while not perfect, it’s a fun ride that never lets up, providing all the costumed excitement that a superhero film should have, with great acting and impressive visuals.

Strangely, there’s no video game tie-in to go along with it. Which is kind of sad. So we sat down, and decided to examine and list, what we thought would make for a great Avengers game in today's Lazygamer episode.

Lazygamers, assemble!