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When studios aren’t closing, game developers are making quite a bit of money

The gaming industry lately has been a cruel mistress. Studios are closing down wherever you look, once again showing everyone just how volatile the entertainment business is. It’s sad for the thousands that are losing their job, but what about the ones who aren’t? Well, they’re making a bit of a killing.

Who will be to blame when indie gaming collapses?

I keep hearing articles about how the indie scene is doomed. People compare the current indie renaissance with what gaming went through in the 80s - it's a cautionary tale telling developers not to get used to the money, the bubble will burst. Okay, but why? And who will be to blame?

The PS4 is about to get a lot more indie

Say what you like about the gaming industry today and the fact that some budgets could finance a Nkandla-get-stuffed-poor-people-mansion or five, but it’s hard to deny that indie games are finally finding a larger platform to be noticed on. The PlayStation 4 already has plenty of those smaller budget games available. And it’s going to get a lot more.

Star Citizen will remain indie

$2 billion. Two freakin’ billion dollars. That’s just how much VR company Oculus Rift was worth to Facebook. That’s what success and fame can do for a start-up company, as the virtually real hardware developer found out when the house of Zuckerberg bought them out. One other industry success story that won’t be up for sale though? Chris Roberts and Imperium Games, who are staying independent.

Luftrausers Review – Luftwaffles

The idea of an ace pilot who could sink ships and turn the tide of battle is a facet of warfare lost to history and a bygone era of aerial warfare. Luftrausers however, is all about reliving that golden age of dogfighting. One launch at a time...that invariably ends with your craft in flames and headed for a watery grave.

FTL: Extra content and iPad version next week!

Punishing rogue-like space sim FTL is a favourite among many of you – and you’ll be glad to know that the game’s content expansion, branded as FTL: Advanced Edition is coming next week. Best bit? It, and all other content packs will be free. Take that, paid-for DLC!

Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (20 March 2014)

It's fake Friday, guys! I am so, so ready for the long weekend. I'm not going away, unless you count getting carried away with series and gaming. I can't wait - I have so much catching up to do, and a long weekend seems like the ideal opportunity to binge on Mass Effect and True Detective. But first, we've got loads of indie news!

Papers, Please wins grand prize at IGF!

Fan favourite, Papers, Please, has won the grand prize at the 16th annual Independent games Festival Awards!

Sony jabs at Microsoft’s parity clause

You may all be aware that Microsoft has an Indie self-publishing platform on the horizon, called ID@Box. That platform has a number of developers concerned, because Microsoft's terms and conditions regarding publishing games using that platform have a parity clause; a request that ID@Xbox developers launch the Xbox One version of their games at the same time as other platforms. Sony has responded with their own parody parity clause.

Lucas Pope is sick of Papers, Please

Papers, Please developer Lucas Pope has stated that he is sick of his hit indie game, and doesn’t plan to do anything more with it.

Gunpoint developer shows off new game

Did you like Gunpoint? What’s Gunpoint? Bah, never mind, the developer Tom Francis has a new game coming out! For those who don’t know, Gunpoint was a stealth puzzle platformer with a noir style to it. His new game is called “Heat Signature”, and it involves a sci-fi theme and sneaking on to randomly generated spaceships. He added a YouTube video on his website showing a build of it.

In defence of Indie pricing

The impetus to write this came from the reactions to the score I gave Indie fighter “Nidhogg". I gave it a nine out of ten because I enjoyed it a whole bunch and a lot of people didn’t think it was worth it due to the 15 dollar price tag. So it got me thinking; What metric should people price games? Is 15 dollars (USD) too much for a content-light indie game? What makes a AAA game worth $60  in comparison?

Starbound updates won’t wipe characters anymore!

If there was ever a time to play Starbound, it’s now. The latest patch is the absolute last character wipe, so all character progress will be saved in later updates. Chucklefish confirmed on their development blog that the latest patch came out yesterday.

Indie Review: Doki Doki Universe

I’m not sure what HumaNature’s Doki Doki Universe is. Is it a puzzle game? Is it an adventure game? Is it a personality test? It’s kind of all of these things. It’s also kinda good, kinda being the operative word. It felt like half children's show, half something maliciously profiling my personality through what seems to be a totally innocent game.

Indie Zoe: Raider of the Lost News (23 January 2014)

Guess what guys - it's almost the weekend. This weekend will be filled with braais and finishing the first Mass Effect. Then I need to decide if I play Witcher 2 on console, or hunt for Mass Effect 2. Decisions, decisions. Suppose I'll fill the void with some much needed indie gaming time - what will you be playing?