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The IeSF overturns its patriarchal biases

We’ve often decried the MSSA’s backwards mentality when it comes to eSports, in that it segregates men and women. This is patently, and inherently stupid as whatever physical differences exist between genders are rendered moot by videogames. Whenever they've been taken to task over this, they've always pointed the finger at the IeSF. Now that organisation is in trouble over the same thing... and they've got nowhere to point fingers. Thankfully though, things are changing.

Why no one needs a national body for eSports

The IesF is an international body whose goal is to bring together all the national sporting bodies for eSports and create an international federation, ala FIFA style, to maximise and help improve eSports worldwide.

eSports association promotes sexism

I have been trying to steer clear of articles about sexism, mostly because it always feels like a giant can of worms. However, statements have been made that made my blood boil, and it should make yours do the same.

No, South Africa is not in the top 10 of eSports

So the wonderful and fully functional (where’s my sarcasm font?) MSSA sent out a press release yesterday stating that South Africa is now ranked 10th in the world in eSports.

About that Mexican Dota 2 debacle…

As you’re all likely aware, there’s once again a world of drama following another MSSA sanctioned international DOTA match. Shortly after posting our rather boastful post about South Africa’s Dota 2 team thoroughly thrashing the national Mexican side. And then it happened. We received a flurry of emails, messages and comments from Mexico’s tight-knit Dota community saying that not only did they not hold the players involved in high regard, but that many of them weren’t Mexican in the first place.

eSports Wrap-up: CS: GO Champs, 2013 DGL and Energy eSports launch

eSports Wrap-up: CS: GO Champs, 2013 DGL and Energy eSports launch

This week in eSports we’ve seen c7e crowned as the Ready.Set.GO! Champions, we interviewed GamersXtreme, MSSA gives South Africans the chance to become referees at the IeSF, Halo 4 semi finals this weekend, 2013 Do Gaming League details announced and Energy eSports launch with huge sponsors and a promising line-up.

SA referees at the IeSF?

Good tidings fellow gamer sirs and ladies! There’s a new way for us to get involved in international eSports. The MSSA is giving its members the chance to become a referee at the IeSF. This is a huge opportunity for gamers interested in getting involved internationally in this way.

eSports Wrap-up: The what’s what in eSports

This week in eSports StarCraft 2 has stolen the limelight once again, lots happening around the IeSF World Championships and South Africans take on the internationals in a racing sim.

S.A National LAN Champs registrations open


Registrations are open for the 2012 MSSA S.A National LAN eSports Championships, this serves as part of the selection process for the 2013 IeSF World Championships and open to any registered players.

Help choose the IeSF titles for 2013

The MSSA is asking local gamers to make suggestions for five new titles to be played at the IeSF World Championships next year, there’s been a couple of great suggestions, Dota 2 seems to be the favourite.

eSports Spotlight: A look at local StarCraft II superstar PandaTank

Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha has made name for himself by persevering in his StarCraft II career, taking the leap to competing internationally and putting S.A on the map of international pro gamers.

eSports Wrap-up: Protea ladies do S.A proud and DGL announced titles for 2013

After a super eSports weekend at rAge it’s hard to believe that there’s still enough energy out there to compete even more, but evidently (maybe thanks to the mountain of Monster Energy drinks sponsored) there’s been other stuff happening.

eSports Wrap-up: rAge all the things!

The biggest eSports focus this week is undoubtedly everything going down at rAge, the finals of the big leagues are taking place. Our South African Protea Team has also been pushing the boundaries at IeSF this week, showcasing a high standard of gameplay.

eSports Wrap-up: First females to represent S.A in Korea, some LAN stuff and Steelseries Spring League news

This week in eSports the Steelseries Dota 2 Spring League hit midway, MWEB announced a FIFA 13 tourney, daZLAN happening this weekend the 2012 South African Protea Team has been confirmed, got a sponsor and is taking off to IeSF in Korea on Monday.