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Cliffy B: Nobody buys horror games

Dead Space and Resident Evil have both completed their transformations from survival horror to all-out-action romps. Silent Hill is quickly becoming a forgotten memory and Alone in the Dark is best left exactly there. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find “horror” games in the AAA retail space. the last one I played and actually loved was ZombiU – but that was more “tense” as opposed to scary. Gears of War Designer Clifford Bleszinski says that’s because nobody buys scary games.

Get your horror kicks for free in Erie

An indie horror game, Eriehas released on Desura and is absolutely free and definitely won’t be played by me due to it being way too scary and I’m a complete baby when it comes to horror games. BUT I suspect that it will be enjoyed by horror game fans across the globe.

Retro Monday: Horror Games

Feeling the urge to dabble in a bit of suspense and gory thriller games on this particular night? Well fortunately for most gamers, recent years have seen a surge in games that come from the horror genre, with titles such as Dead Space and Amnesia being available, ready to scare the pants of a hapless player.

Of course, horror games were more of a niche genre several years go, with the majority of the decent titles being downright mind-scarringly scary. Join us as we take a look at some of the creepiest games to ever be published on a compact disc.