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The Evolution Of – Hitman

Way back when gaming was starting to get really big in a cinematic way, the titles on offer were all about shooting, looting and doing some more shooting. Sometimes on the loot. Stealth games weren’t exactly high up on the agenda for various developers, even after Metal Gear Solid had proven that covert espionage action could be quite profitable. And then Hitman came along, to prove that barcode tattoos on the neck were quite cool after all.

How gamers eat their food

If you were on the internet last year, you’re probably one of the hundred million or so people who watched the rather silly “How animals eat their food” viral video. It spawned a bunch of copycats and parodies, many of which were good for eliciting a laugh or two. And now, a year later there’s one all about video games. And it’s awesome. Watch out for that Hitman bit...I nearly spat coffee all over my screen.

Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight your April Games for Gold freebies

Microsoft’s said that the games they’ll be offering Xbox Live gold users will get better – and that certainly seems to be the case. According to the internet the next game that Xbox Live gold users will be getting on Microsoft’s deal is Square and IO Interactive’s Hitman: Absolution. Later in the month, they’ll be getting Deadlight.

Has the next-gen Hitman game been cancelled?

It may have gotten a ton of flak from purists, but honestly, Hitman: Absolution was a damn fine game overall. That was in 2012, and since then, Agent 47 has kept a discreet and low profile. So low in fact, that the next game in that series may have been cancelled. With extreme prejudice

Square Enix: Gamers don’t like ‘games as a service’

Are we headed for an always-online, microtransaction-driven, free-to-play future? That’s the sort of thing some publishers and developers are aiming to deliver. Square Enix is not one of those publishers. Maybe.

Square Enix internal sales targets revealed

We heard last week from an investor that big budget games are required to sell over 5 million units to break even meaning that Tomb Raider’s current 3.6 million means it is looking like a commercial failure.

Don’t like the new Hitman Absolution? Then go HD with the classics

I get it. Not everyone is enamoured with the latest entry in the Hitman franchise. Gamers who grew up with Agent 47, haven’t exactly been bowled over by Hitman: Absolution, despite being a much needed new entry in the franchise that I loved. So what’s a jaded player supposed to do? Why go the nostalgia route of course! In HD!

The Hitman Absolution Guide – Part One

If there’s one great thing about Hitman Absolution, it’s that levels are designed to be replayed and explored. It’s a sandbox of strangulation and “accidental” deaths, but not all of them are obvious. Today, we’re taking a look at five such levels, and how you can get the most out of them.

Random Monday Thought: Who pays for mistakes

Yay it’s finally Monday again and that boredom inducing weekend is finally over and we can finally get back to work – said no one ever… but while I now have a job to do I’ve been procrastinating all morning trying to find some interesting gaming news and I stumbled across a story that got me thinking.

Hitman Absolution Review Round-Up

Hitman Absolution rolls out to dispense some bar-coded bald justice on scantily clad nuns in latex tomorrow, as it the cult classic franchise returns after a lengthy absence. But can a game with an emphasis on creative solutions and single-player content really succeed in this turbulent landscape of contemporary online warzone shooters and islands infected with madness an exploding everythings? According to these scores, yes it can.

The five levels of difficulty of Hitman: Absolution

You think you’re tough? You think you’re ‘ard, do ya? Well, you might be in real life thanks to a torturous training regime, but in gaming, anyone can be a tough guy. If they select that difficulty option of course. Hitman Absolution is out later this year and while some fans have been concerned that the game will cater more for newcomers, it looks like even veterans will have a challenge on their hands, as modes range from easy through to apocalyptic.

There’s a view to a kill in this latest Hitman Absolution trailer

Leather-clad fetish nuns be damned (And rented for later), I’m still looking forward to playing me some Hitman: Absolution! The game has been shaping up nicely so far, and it’s got one key factor in it, namely, choice. A bit of stealth, a bit of action, all mixed in, and it looks like the game is going to allow people to get creative with their inner assassin. See for yourself, after the jump.

It may be tempting, but don’t expect multiplayer in Hitman: Absolution

Pretty much every single game on the market these days has some form of multiplayer embedded into it. It lengthens a title that would otherwise be finished in a weekend, but all too often, it feels more like a cheap add-on rather than a mode that offers more substance. Hitman: Absolution however, has no multiplayer. None, zilch, zero. An odd decision? Perhaps, but it’s one that developer IO Interactive says won’t be necessary, thanks to the studio putting a twist on competitive play with the Contracts mode.

Watch advertisements for free game time

Square Enix goes free-to-play with classic Hitman and Tomb Raider titles, but at the cost of your sanity.

What’s the top priority in Hitman: Absolution? Better enemy AI of course

Get ready to don a fancy suit, shave your head and scribble a barcode into the back of your head, as Agent 47 returns later this year in Hitman: Absolution. It’s been quite a few years since we’ve last stepped into the shoes of the modern day assassin, and in that time period, we’ve seen quite a few games pop up that have reinvented and revitalised the stealth action genre.

Hopefully Absolution will take a few cues from those titles when polishing up the final product, as well as tossing in a few new ideas itself, but one area that the developers are keen on tuning up, has to be the AI components.