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DC Comics prepares to relaunch Hellblazer


If there’s one comic book series that has always been right on the edge of dark, adult material, it’s Hellblazer: John Constantine. The Vertigo series has been running since 1988, but that’s all coming to an end soon. As of the 300th issue, the British con-mage will be saying farewell to the line of comics that he’s been a part of for 24 years. And that’s because he’ll be moving on up to the east side, to finally get a slice of that new 52 pie.

Top five comic books that deserve a video game adaptation

According to me, comic books make for some excellent source material for video games. Batman managed to deliver the black-eyed pee in your pants experience to thugs and maniacs in the Arkham series, while the cult favourite anti-hero Deadpool is getting his own game, due out next year. There’s plenty more comics out there that deserve a shot though, so we’ve gathered five such properties that would make for some great entertainment.