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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 31 Jul 2013

If you’ve splashed out a ton of money on one of those incredibly expensive surround-sound headsets for your Xbox 360, you’ve probably been wondering whether or not it would work on the Xbox One, which uses a very different headset input on its controllers. Microsoft has now confirmed that yes, they’ll work – but it’s probably going to cost you extra.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 25 Jan 2013

At some point in this hobby, we’ve all plonked down some serious cash for some serious extension to our gaming habits. I’m talking about input devices that were meant for one kind of game only, from joysticks through to steering wheels. And chances are, you’ve probably bought a piece of Logitech hardware when doing so.  Generally decent and not badly priced, Logitech peripherals have been a mainstay on store shelves for years. That’s about to change though, as the company is deciding to draw the curtain on producing such gear.

Posted by Garth Holden - 26 Nov 2012

I play a lot of games. More correctly, I play games a lot. When is the best time to play games? At night, when it is (relatively) cooler, there is no screen glare or other bright lights due to that large fireball in the sky going to another level and most people go to sleep. Now, to avoid having to lip-read and pretend the explosions sound amazing because I don't want to wake my wife up, I need a headset. Because some games require you to hear every sound, every nuance of the environment.

Posted by Richard Kopff - 20 Nov 2012

When I first heard about the Steelseries range I thought it was the next level of pirating. All of you dodgy pirates forming a group to download as much TV series as possible, disturbing stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it had nothing to do with pirating and was in fact Megarom bringing in the great gaming accessories, including the 7H Headphones.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 11 Jan 2012

If you’ve stepped in to a retail store in South Africa that sells video games lately, you’ll have noticed a deluge of new gaming peripherals and products from Orb. From DS styluses (styli?) and chargers to controllers, gaming headsets and everything in between, their budget-minded range is nothing if not extensive.

We got the opportunity to tackle their GPX2 gaming headset . It’s a pretty basic, but universal stereo headset with a built in microhpone that’ll work on your PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. What’s it like?