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Why the Xbox One can’t keep up

For a long time, well before the release of the new consoles there was a great deal of debate about just how much more powerful the PlayStation 4 was, when compared to the Xbox One. People like to compare specs; and vocalised confirmation bias, much like penis measuring is a reality of the internet. It’s starting, however, to really look like the the Xbox One has a significant performance deficit. Here’s why, and why it’s only going to get worse.

Ouya co-founder Muffi Ghadiali leaves company

Co-founder of the Ouya Muffi Ghadiali leaves the company of his own volition. The news comes after a statement to TechCrunch regarding Ghadiali and the future of Ouya:

Carmack : “360 and PS3 are far from tapped out”

All eyes are focused on the new generation of consoles and what those systems can bring to videogames. Don’t rule out the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 though, because there’s still plenty that can be done with them, according to tech guru John Carmack.

Steelseries Rival review– Pixel perfect precision

Over the years, gaming mice have become increasingly ridiculous, adding all manner of superfluous feature and button so that it very nearly requires a degree in engineering just to hold one. Sometimes, a simpler approach is not only necessary – but welcome. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that nails the fundamentals but forgoes the superfluous, look no further than the Steelseries Rival.

PlayStation 4 error codes and fixes

If you’ve recently acquired a PlayStation 4 and it’s just not working properly, you have every right in the world to be pissed. It’s natural to expect the very expensive item you’ve just plonked a wad of cash for to work, so having it throw up error messages instead of beam shiny graphics at your face stings with bitter disappointment. Here’s what might be wrong with your PS4, and ways to fix it.

Faulty PlayStation 4’s are “isolated incidents” says Sony

Some worrying reports on the eve of the North American launch of the PlayStation 4 have pointed to the possibility of both hardware and software flaws with the system. Sony’' says they’re nothing you ought to worry about.

Acer R7 Review – Boldly going somewhere

The Acer R7 is without a doubt one of the silliest notebooks that I’ve ever worked on. Also, I might just be in love with the damn thing.

MSI reveals the world’s thinnest 17 inch gaming laptop

Even though I know I’ll most likely have my kneecaps broken with an old Pentium 486 PC in a dark alley for admitting that I love gaming laptops, it’s still worth posting this. MSI Computer Corp has a new mobile gaming platform on the way, and that laptop happens to be thinner than Pep store-brand toilet paper.

You’ll be able to use your current headsets with the Xbox One

If you’ve splashed out a ton of money on one of those incredibly expensive surround-sound headsets for your Xbox 360, you’ve probably been wondering whether or not it would work on the Xbox One, which uses a very different headset input on its controllers. Microsoft has now confirmed that yes, they’ll work – but it’s probably going to cost you extra.

One day, the Oculus Rift could be free

The Oculus Rift is one of the more interesting bits of gaming hardware and periphery; probably even more exciting than the next-generation consoles. It brings that futuristic promise of virtual reality to affordable consumer-level devices, and one day, it could be free.

Ubisoft wants to run the same engine on all hardware

If there’s one thing that Ubisoft is good at, it’s recycling gameplay engines. Sure, it can look cheap and old sometimes, but hey, it’s also great for keeping costs down on games with budgets so big, you could afford to buy several African countries with the cash, pave them over and sell them to the Chinese as a parking lot and I’m drifting again! Ubisoft has a new gameplay engine coming up. And it’s going to be everywhere within the next couple of years.

Comparing the Xbox One and PS4 numbers is ‘meaningless’

Comparing the Xbox One and PS4 numbers is ‘meaningless’

If you’re going to argue consoles, then there’s one discussion that’s always going to pop up. The numbers. Storage capacity, gigawatts of RAM and floppies of produce power, it all comes down to an electronic dick-measuring contest in the end. And quite frankly, it’s all meaningless.

Watch Mark Cerny discuss the “Road to PlayStation 4”

The lead architect behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 will be detailing just how the system came about in a talk at Gamelab 2013, titled “Road to the PS4.? Watch it here, right now.

Comparing the Xbox One to the Playstation 4

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who has the most RAM, jigglywatts or Kinections when it comes to gaming. It’s all about the experience that is earned from saving the day on the big screen. Right now though, you lot don’t care and want to see some numbers instead. FINE! Here ya go!

The Xi3 Piston will be upgradeable

There’s no denying that the Xi3 is going to cost quite a bit of cash on launch. Over 9000 smiling Randelas to be exact. Still, for that price, you should get more than a small living room console with which to play games at resolutions higher than 320x480 (MY PC SUCKS!). Oh wait you will actually, because the Xi3 will space for upgrades.