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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Preview

Blizzard is well known for making games that keep gamers hooked for months, if not years. World of Warcraft has a huge open world to explore, a world that is packed with lore and tons of quests. StarCraft II has the competitive and strategic edge to it, encouraging players to keep getting better and better. For me, what keeps players hooked to the Diablo franchise is the appeal of loot as well as the challenge of besting some of the toughest enemies.

Blizzcon 2013 – Hands on with Heroes of the Storm

MOBA games began with Blizzard. Or at least, the tools that Blizzard provided with their games. That genre has grown massively over the years, resulting in massive tournaments with even bigger prizes on the line. Blizzard has seen this, and they’re bringing their own long-in-development MOBA game to free-to-play battlegrounds. Prepare yourselves for the Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzcon 2013 – Hands on with Diablo 3:Reaper of Soul’s Crusader

If there’s one aspect of gaming that we don’t see too much of, it’s expansion packs. Gaming calls that kind of content DLC, but it’s smaller and usually less satisfying. Diablo 3 is bringing back the extra content in 2014 with Reaper of Souls, which includes a new character class known as the Crusader. And at Blizzcon, that class made a believer out of me.

Gamescom 2013: Hands on with Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox One

Earlier today I posted up my feelings of Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4 so it’s logical that I follow that up with my experience of Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One.

Gamescom 2013: Hands on with Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4

I’m currently a bit of an oddity in the gaming world as I’m a huge first person shooter fan and yet I simply can’t get into Battlefield 3. I’ve tried it on both consoles and the PC and the PC version is by far the most engaging; yet it’s still not what I’d call fun.

Gamescom 2013: Hands on with Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising's  has, since it was shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, been the game that’s made me want an Xbox One. I’ve now had the chance to actually play it – and I’m happy to say that it still the thing that’ll get me to shell out for the console.

E3 2013: Dark Souls 2 broke me

Dark Souls is a funny game. It punishes and punishes players, feeding them mere slivers of hope until they can finally break through the pain, like the functioning parts of Rocky Balboa’s face when up against Ivan Drago’s fists. There’s a sequel on the way, that promises to create an atmosphere that is more accessible for newcomers. Veterans are worried that this means that the game is being dumbed down. Well, they may not have anything to worry about, because the suffering is going to be equal opportunity.

E3 2013: Mario Kart 8 goes topsy-turvy

Mario Kart 8 is coming to the Wii U – and while you could, justifiably, say that ‘s yet another damned numbered Mario branded sequel coming from Nintendo, does it really matter if it’s a ton of fun? Because Mario Kart 8 certainly is just that.

E3 2013: Saint’s Row IV cracks it down

It’s a good year to like sandbox games. Grand Theft Auto is on the way, presenting it’s usual blend of stylised action and reality. But for some people, reality isn’t good enough. These are the folks that want to punch evil in the pickle and wield guns that fire off weaponised streams of Skrillex. For those folks, that  game does exist. And it’s called Saints Row IV.

E3 2013: Make like a testudo with Ryse: Son of Rome

Despite what you may think of the hardware powering it, there’s no denying that the Xbox One has some great games lined up. Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break for one, or a new Forza entry that will have petrol-heads spinning tyre doughnuts with glee. And then you’ve got Crytek, who have tossed the gun aside for a gladius. Tetsudo!

The first hands on impression of Deadpool

If like me you are excited about the upcoming Deadpool then you are going to want to watch this. However if you are petrified that Activision is going to ruin the experience of Deadpool then you are really going to want to watch this.

Bioshock Infinite left me enraptured

From the very first moment, the very first time you see anything, Bioshock Infinite immediately draws parallels to the first game. You’re out in the ocean, with a large lighthouse towering above you. The first time you see Columbia; the hidden city, floating in the sky, it immediately forces you to recollect your first glimpse of the fallen underwater dystopia of Rapture. You know, from that moment, that you’ll be drawn in to a world that will captivate and mesmerise. It’s unmistakably, and undeniably Bioshock.

Gears of War: Judgement hands on

Late yesterday I posted up my experience with the brand new Gears of War: Judgement survival mode which was the biggest surprise from my hands on experience with the game in Poland. However I was also treated to some levels of the standard campaign and the secret Aftermath levels

Gears of War: Judgement reveals Survival mode

Last week I was over in Poland at the People Can Fly studios for a bit of a hands on before Gears of War: Judgement is released later this month -  and it was revealed at this event that a brand new multiplayer mode is being added to Gears of War: Judgement called Survival.

Tomb Raider hands-on – A Survivor is Born

Crystal Dynamics’ new Tomb Raider reboot is unlike any other Tomb Raider game I have played before. I’m not sure if this is the Tomb Raider that people will be expecting but I am sure that this fresh, new approach to the franchise is one that is well overdue. If you are one of those gamers who isn’t a fan of change, best you start mentally preparing yourself now!