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The Evolution Of – Halo

Microsoft may not have as many exclusives under their belt as Sony or Nintendo, but one thing they do have is a game franchise in the form of Halo. Since 2001, Microsoft, Bungie and the successor studio 343 Industries have been releasing Halo games, with would be competitors looking to earn the title of Halo. That’s a 13 year history, one that has seen the game evolve over the years.

The Grand Halo 4 South African Finals Report

Saturday the 9th of February 2013 is an important date in the history of gaming in South Africa. It is arguably the first time that a large gaming company got everything spot on and  essentially perfect for a local gaming competition.

Free food, prizes and games at the Halo 4 finals

The Halo 4 finals are just around the corner and it’s going to be a-ma-zing. Xbox South Africa wants you there and they want to give you lots of free stuff and spoil you for the day, FOR FREE. We’ve just gotten some more details on the event. Do stop by and say hi to some of the crazy Lazygamer staff (yes, talking about you Geoff), maybe rub my belly for good luck. Who knows what could happen?

Bitch-slaps, rhythmic walking and explosions in the new Spartan Ops trailer

So this one time, in this Halo 4 Spartan Ops trailer, this “older” lady walked up to this younger guy and slapped the white off of his face. It was awesome. I bet you want to see it.

You could join us at the Halo 4 finals!

Remember that Halo 4 tournament Xbox South Africa hosted last year? The one Geoff and Darryn really sucked at? Yes! That one, well we’ve been waiting to find out what those chaps at Xbox SA have up their sleeves for the finals but they just keep teasing. The first of their teasenings: a video remembering the fallen, with lots of cool cinematics in it and everything.

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Game Of The Year

So here we are, this is the end, my beautiful friends…Ignoring that bit of reference from The Doors, this is the final award that we have to give out this year. It’s for the game that blew us away, that stole hours upon hours from our life, and gave back phenomenal gameplay and fun in return. And the Lazygamer game of the year 2012 award goes to…

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Best Multiplayer

Multiplayers are dominated by shooters, whether it’s on console or PC. But what makes a great multiplayer? Everything: from latency to good map layouts, potential for league play or pure addiction. This year, we’ve seen some top notch multiplayers release, the best of them being…

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Best Shooter

Shooters aren’t just about shooting (doh!), it’s about the sheer thrill of tactical gameplay and strategy. That head-shot from 300m away, that SMG rush, that AK-47 destruction, and then sometimes there’s a story in it or whatever. There’s been a great battle of the shooters this year, but whether you love it or hate it, the award goes to…

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Best Xbox 360 Game


Okay, stop laughing. Yes, the Xbox 360 may be about as exclusive as a bad Kempton Park night club, but that doesn’t mean that the limited releases we saw this year on that platform were half-arsed. Well, except for quite a few Kinect ones, but that goes without saying. No, if there was one exclusive game to have this year on that platform, it would have to be…

The Lazygamer Awards 2012 – Best Graphics

I know what you’re all going to say and NO it’s not Far Cry 3 okay! 2012 has delivered a great many nerdgasms with its awesome line-up of visually stunning games and not just on PC (looking at you Master Race). The best looking game award goes to...

eSports Wrap-up: Stuff went down

This week in eSports we looked at Microsoft SA’s Halo 4 tournament semi’s, new features coming to StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the MLG kicking off, some crazy MainGaming LAN awesomeness, a pro LoL player getting the banhammer for life, an interview with Energy eSport’s own Bhond and what’s been happening with the SECS on Sundays. Also comment on this article for free cookies!

Halo 4 semi-final results

Halo 4 semi-final results

The last Xbox LIVE round of the Halo 4 tournament hosted by Microsoft SA took place this weekend. Four clans and nine lone wolves have made it through to the finals in 2013.

eSports Wrap-up: CS: GO Champs, 2013 DGL and Energy eSports launch

eSports Wrap-up: CS: GO Champs, 2013 DGL and Energy eSports launch

This week in eSports we’ve seen c7e crowned as the Ready.Set.GO! Champions, we interviewed GamersXtreme, MSSA gives South Africans the chance to become referees at the IeSF, Halo 4 semi finals this weekend, 2013 Do Gaming League details announced and Energy eSports launch with huge sponsors and a promising line-up.

Halo 4 semi finals: Who made it?

Microsoft SA’s Halo 4 tournament will see the last online event this weekend before the finals held in 2013 at a super secret location. Who made it through? Not Geoff and Darryn.

eSports Wrap-up: SC2, CS: GO and Dota 2 SECS

So what happened in eSports this week? Nothing. Okay not really! Lots happened, Bravado and –c7e is ready to get ready and set in the Ready.Set.GO! Cup finals, the StarCraft 2 World champion has been crowned, GamersXtreme wants to bring eSports to the Tuks campus and it’s a Geoff vs. Darryn halo 4 face-off this weekend. Also, don’t forget about that awesome Dota 2 SECS.