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Half-Life 2 would be real pretty if it were remade today

Mark my words, the latest fad in this gaming generation won’t just be to re-release older games onto new systems, but to actually spruce them up. We’ve already seen Tomb Raider get a definitive makeover. And honestly, I’d love to see Half-Life get a visual upgrade along these lines.

Half-Life mod Black Mesa will be sold on Steam alongside free version

Do you happen to have a large pile of games waiting to be downloaded on your Steam playlist? Then this bit of news won’t help you get through it any quicker. Half Life is 15 years old this week, and to celebrate, a remake of the game from a dedicated group of gamers in on the way at long last. A remake that’ll be up for sale on Steam.

Raising the Bar: A Half-Life fan film

Why is it that Hollywood completely manages to mangle videogame to film adaptations, while fan films somehow manage to capture the essence of the original medium? Oh right, it because they’re fan films..and not money-hungry-producer films.  Here’s one that depicts the adventures of a certain, very famous crowbar.

The Half-Life complete collection for cheap

Valve’s Half-Life series is regularly cited as one of the most influential in all of gaming – and if you haven;t played any of them then you really ought to be hanging your head in shame right now. Shame on you! thankfully, you get to make up for that particular transgression, because you can pick the entire series up for next to nothing.

Imagine if video games were like, drugs…man

Video games are totally addictive you know. More addictive than alcohol, more addictive than Oreo biscuits and far more habit-forming than collecting kittens. In fact, they’re kinda like drugs. So which drugs fit which games then? And why won’t anyone think of the children?

Gordon Freeman returns…as a massive statue

What’s that you say? Gaming has some great heroes these days. Korvo from Dishonored, Kratos from God of War and Desmond McMonkeyface from the Assassin’s Creed franchise? I scoff at your selection. Scoff to the max. Back in the day when those guys were nothing more than pen on paper diaper concept drawings, there was one hero who stood tall and kept damn quiet. Gordon Freeman was his name, and he was an ass-kicking scientist in a biohazard suit and spectacles, swinging a crowbar around and kicking head-crab head-ass. And now he’s been immortalized, in statue form.


I’ve been very much unimpressed with the movie industry for the last say, five years. With all this new technology and what not you’d think that movies would be better. There have been a select few that have been absolutely amazing and then there have been the most boring films since, well, the beginning of mankind.

Black Mesa finally gets a release date

Eight years, numerous delays, multiple re-imaginings and several instances of people raising their hands in the air and shouting “Dude, enough, we’re like totally tired of waiting!”, and Black Mesa is finally sort of finished. And headed our way, very soon.

Is Half-Life 3 and Dragon Age 3 returning at Gamescom?

There are quite a few games making their debut this year at Gamescom, from sequels to all new IPs. But will we see the return of Gordon Freeman and the fantasy RPG from Bioware? The event itself, certainly thinks so.

The Valve Employee Handbook makes work even more awesome

Ever wondered what it would be like to work at Valve? Sure you have! Imagine rocking up to their offices one morning, a briefcase in your hand full of great ideas, while Gabe Newell fires warning shots at wild journalists who happen to be brandishing questions about Half-Life 3, from his balcony.

But it’s probably just another 9-5 job over at the Steamy headquarters, isn’t it? Perhaps not, as the new employee handbook would indicate.

Half-Life fans protest lack of Half-Life 3 news…With Half-Life 2


Half Life 2 was a fantastic game when it arrived several years. Taking the solid architecture of the original game and expanding on that, it was a challenging FPS title that was followed by two more successful episodes. And then it just dropped off the face of the earth.

Fans have been begging developer Valve for years now as to whether or not anything is being done with regards to a sequel of some sort. Valve has been characteristically mum on the subject, which has prompted a group of Half-Life gamers to get together to send a message towards the developer, in a method that will show them that they are still waiting patiently for the sequel to arrive.

And they’re going to use Half-Life 2 to do it.

Watch An Awesome Live-Action Fan Film Of The Half Life Intro

We all love Half Life. I mean, it ushered in a whole new era of video games. Who could ever forget that awesome first experience of sitting on the train as Gordon Freeman, watching the world flow by the windows as you made your way to the most interesting day of work that a scientist would ever have?

Reported by the folks at Gamesradar, the awesome folks who created the Beyond Black Mesa short fan film have created a great little video that runs through the intro of the game in a super cool way that any gamer will really love and appreciate.

It’s only 2 minutes long, so check out the awesome-sauce after the jump.

The Half-Life movie has a sequel

You might recall 2 years back, that some fans made a short Half-Life 2 fan film with a ridiculously low budget - that was nothing short of amazing. The entire project was to cost a mere $500, which in terms of videomaking is roughly nothing. That $500 was meant to cover two episodes, but we’ve seen just the one. Two years on, and you can finally watch the second episode. I have no idea how they managed this on such a shoestring budget, presuming only that magic was somehow involved. The longer running time (15 minutes instead of the first episodes 5) does allow for cracks to come through, but it’s still an worth watching. Hit the jump, and watch Escape from City 17 part 2. I wouldn’t be holding my breath for Episode 3 any time soon though.

Gaming’s 10 hottest male characters

There’s certainly no shortage of sexy women in video games. But what about the hottest male characters? Who are the pixelated guys that the ladies love to perv over? Who has the gaming girls out there reaching regularly for their… erm… controller? Of course, any “Sexiest” list is highly subjective – these are my personal picks (in no particular order) from the current gaming generation – and I’m sure to have missed some fan favourites. Please list yours in the comments below.

Empire’s 50 Greatest Game Characters of All Time

Of All time! And Beyonce’s not one of them, thankfully. Empire have put together yet another list that will be unable to please everybody, this time focusing on the greatest video game character of all time. I can’t say I personally agree with the list – particularly the character given its number one spot. They’ve awarded the accolade to Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman. While a fantastic character in an even better series of games, I’m not sure a silent protagonist – one where you, the player, essentially become the character – should nab top honours. hit the jump for the top ten, and see if your favourite character’s made the grade.