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Your BAFTA winners are…

I love the British Academy. They recognize that great performances can also take place in video games, and they recognize gaming as part of their awards for artistic achievement. Even better, Steam is getting in on the fun and helping those who haven't enjoyed these games yet.

Another retailer lists next-gen GTA V

Because you can’t kick a good rumour, more “evidence” has popped up suggesting that Grand Theft Auto V will be making its way to new platforms. A couple of European retailers have started accepting orders for GTAV on platforms that have yet to have officially announced ports.

GTA V is being sued by the mob…wife

Where there’s a big game involved, there’s some big money involved. As well as a lawsuit or two. GTA V has already been hit with several and bounced back, leaving Lindsay Lohan looking even more desperate than usual. The latest court case for the hit game? One that involves the mob. Capisce?

A Look Back at Trevor Philips

You know those stupid and annoying  “Look Back” videos that were all over Facebook a few weeks ago, when the social networking site hit its 10th anniversary? Yes, those collections of photos that nobody but the person sharing them actually cared about? Here’s one you might want to watch – because it’s a look back at GTA V’s psychotic Trevor Philips.

BAFTA nominations for The Last of Us and GTA V

I enjoy the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards. They're like the Oscars, but with a stiff upper lip and way more wit (and a better quaffed gold man). Also, they actually honor games in their awards, something the American Academy really should start doing. This year's nominations heavily feature some expected games, including some much loved indies.

This is why GTA V isn’t on PC yet

Last night the bean counters at Take Two Interactive released their financials for the last year and there were some surprising announcements in between all the tedious non-GAAP and loan note talking.

GTA V coming to new consoles and PC in June?

We’ve been wondering when Rockstar would officially announce that it was bringing Grand Theft Auto’s V’s tale of three criminal idiots to the PC. We’ve also suspected that the game would end up gracing the newer consoles from Microsoft and Sony as well. It makes sense that Rockstar would opt to not announce such a thing, to save from cannibalising sales of the game at the turn of the generation. One random retailer seems to have let slip a release date.

Rumour – GTA V preorders start this Friday

Will it or won’t it? That’s the question that plenty of Grand Theft Auto fans on PC have asked since the fifth game was revealed, promoted and pimped out on console last year. Rockstar has kept dead quiet on the matter so far, with nary a hint of anything being done to bring the game over to the PC platform. But PC gamers could be in for a surprise, as early as this Friday.

Red Dead Redemption sequel this year?

PC gamers wouldn’t know, but Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption is one of the very best games to have been released in the last generation. Taking the Grand theft Auto template to the wild west, it worked better for me than GTA itself, as it serves as a sort of historical escapism. I live in a big city, and am free to be a jerk as much as I like. I’ve never been a cowboy though, and Red Dead Redemption allowed me to do that perfectly. We could hear more about its sequel this year.

Amazon Germany and France list Grand Theft Auto V on PC

Yes the rumour that simply will not die is back and just as unsubstantiated as ever. This time the rumours are being stocked by Amazon’s German and French operations who have both listed the PC versions for pre-order in the last 24 hours.

More evidence of GTA V coming to PC

We’re pretty damned sure Grand Theft Auto V (incidentally, our game of the year last year) is going to make its way to PC and possibly even the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The evidence for a PC versions is mounting. And now, there’s even more.

GTA V about to break the 30 million mark

Grand Theft Auto has always been a huge seller, but I think even Rockstar have been taken aback at how incredibly well the latest installment has sold. And that's even before the much anticipated, maybe real PC version has been released.

The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 1-10

The time has finally come - the top ten games of this generation. We are expecting your bile and vitriol; not everyone will agree with us, but it's important to remember that this list was based on what made us all happy to be gamers this generation. Not based on sales, scores, fancy metrics or algorithms, we fought it out to make this list, and we hope it just goes to show how many fantastic games we had in this generation.

Did Rockstar just confirm their PC version of GTA V?

We all know that Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PC but Rockstar have consistently stated that there is nothing to announce, and have yet to confirm the obvious port. However that just changed.

Take-Two CEO says PS4 & Xbox One will outsell predecessors in five years

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick thinks the PS4 and Xbox One will outsell last generation's consoles within five years. This prediction comes after a good start to sales for both consoles this week.