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GTA V coming on the 14th of November to PC’s

As always with these retail leaks we need to take them all with a pinch of salt but a European online retailer has possibly leaked the release date for the next gen versions of Grand Theft Auto V.

Get GTA V for cheap on day 4 of the Xbox Live sale

By all rights, GTA V is one of the best games of 2013. Hell, it’s still one of the best games of 2014, even if it does demand a hefty premium price tag. Has that discouraged you from buying the game? Well fret not, wannabe five-star amigos, because you can join Trevor, Michael and Franklin in San Andreas for cheap thanks to an Xbox Live sale that currently happens to be on.

Insane flying skills in GTA V

Revvin' up your engine. Listen to her howlin' roar. Metal under tension. Beggin' you to touch and gooooo.  Highway to the Danger Zone. DINNIT DUN DUN DUN DINNIT DUN DUN! Ride into the Danger Zooooone! I’ve often said that I’m the very worst digital driver on planet Earth, but there’s one thing I’m even worse at; flying planes and helicopters. I’m just terrible at controlling vehicles that soar through the air. These guys have no such problem; watch them soar about with the grace of digital eagles in GTA V.

The Hit List – Top 5 Most Excessively Violent Video Games

Video games. Violence. Somewhere out there, a politician is experiencing a rush of blood to his primary brain as he puts those words together to form a single semi-coherent rant that will get him elected. But video game violence ain’t going anywhere! In fact, it’s getting even grislier than before, dipping into excess. Here’s a video of five games that we found exceptionally gory. So if you’re under 18 and don’t have an upchuck bucket with you, I’d recommend not watching the video. For reals.

GTA V goes to Spain in live-action recreation

GTA V broke all the records and sold ridiculous numbers of games. The new-gen and PC versions are incoming, and I'm sure Rockstar will get us all hyped for the game again like they did last year. Their trailers were impressive and got people far too excited, and spawned awesome parodies like this.

Hey, it’s GTA V in first-person!

Usually, cool mods that have a significant effect on gameplay are bound to PC, where game files are easily hacked and prodded and bent to users will. Of coyurse, GTA V is different; modders have found ways of modifying the game’s code on consoles to enable all sorts of things. Now they’ve turned GTA V in to a first person shooter experience.

GTA V looks much prettier in this PS4 comparison

Sony briefly revealed that yes, Grand Theft Auto V was coming to new-gen platforms. At which point, everyone inside the Sony event lost their sh*t, something that I’d imagine was happening around the world at the exact same time. So how much prettier does the game actually look then? Here’s some video proof for those of you who want an HDier Trevor rampage.

GTA V is going to have something extra on PlayStation 4

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and yes, even PC in the Southern Hemisphere’s spring. If you’ve had a look at the new PS4 trailer, you can quite clearly see that it’s not some simple port job; the game’s very nearly being retooled – with new textures, new animations and will likely end up looking and running like magic. According to Sony, it’s going to be extra special on PS4.

Awesome GTA V glitch, kamikaze planes

Grand Theft Auto V is still being played by tons of people all over the world and with any open world game you know you are going to be finding a ton of glitches and bugs that can either ruin or make the game.

Red Dead Redemption coming to PC?

Sure, GTA might let you steal cars and do yoga, but Red Dead Redemption saw you riding around, shooting birds from trains and killing Sasquatch. It was a pure joy to play, and now it seems that the game might finally be coming to PC.

Your BAFTA winners are…

I love the British Academy. They recognize that great performances can also take place in video games, and they recognize gaming as part of their awards for artistic achievement. Even better, Steam is getting in on the fun and helping those who haven't enjoyed these games yet.

Another retailer lists next-gen GTA V

Because you can’t kick a good rumour, more “evidence” has popped up suggesting that Grand Theft Auto V will be making its way to new platforms. A couple of European retailers have started accepting orders for GTAV on platforms that have yet to have officially announced ports.

GTA V is being sued by the mob…wife

Where there’s a big game involved, there’s some big money involved. As well as a lawsuit or two. GTA V has already been hit with several and bounced back, leaving Lindsay Lohan looking even more desperate than usual. The latest court case for the hit game? One that involves the mob. Capisce?

A Look Back at Trevor Philips

You know those stupid and annoying  “Look Back” videos that were all over Facebook a few weeks ago, when the social networking site hit its 10th anniversary? Yes, those collections of photos that nobody but the person sharing them actually cared about? Here’s one you might want to watch – because it’s a look back at GTA V’s psychotic Trevor Philips.

BAFTA nominations for The Last of Us and GTA V

I enjoy the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards. They're like the Oscars, but with a stiff upper lip and way more wit (and a better quaffed gold man). Also, they actually honor games in their awards, something the American Academy really should start doing. This year's nominations heavily feature some expected games, including some much loved indies.