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A Look Back at Trevor Philips

You know those stupid and annoying  “Look Back” videos that were all over Facebook a few weeks ago, when the social networking site hit its 10th anniversary? Yes, those collections of photos that nobody but the person sharing them actually cared about? Here’s one you might want to watch – because it’s a look back at GTA V’s psychotic Trevor Philips.

Rockstar swimming in the profits of micro transactions

I’ve previously covered my dislike for the micro-transactions in GTA V. While a lot of people may agree with me we can say for sure that this isn’t going to change as it appears a lot more people are happy to fork out hard-earned cash to get pretty things in GTA Online.

BAFTA nominations for The Last of Us and GTA V

I enjoy the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards. They're like the Oscars, but with a stiff upper lip and way more wit (and a better quaffed gold man). Also, they actually honor games in their awards, something the American Academy really should start doing. This year's nominations heavily feature some expected games, including some much loved indies.

Rockstar is removing ill-gotten GTA gains

Way back in October Rockstar all but admitted that they can’t fix the broken economy in Grand Theft Auto V and if you received money from hackers in game they couldn’t do anything about it. Well that’s changing now.

The 20 most popular Lazygamer posts in 2013

During the early part of this year we started actively tracking hits on individual articles, yeah before that we only had a rough idea of how popular each post was and Google Analytics is just a real pain to use for that so we made an in house system which became Batman to our regular readers.

Amazon says that GTA V will release on the 12th of March

Make sure you have your pinch of salt and remember what I posted earlier about having to report news on rumours since we still have no confirmation from Rockstar, but according to a support user on the German Amazon site the PC version of Rockstar’s top selling Grand Theft Auto V is going to be released on the 12th of March 2014.

Rockstar banning people who receive illicit money

Rockstar has confirmed, in a posting on their forums, that they have some automated and manual systems constantly checking the online economy of Grand Theft Auto V and if you receive a bunch of illegal money from hackers or cheats then you are likely to get banned.

Did Rockstar just confirm their PC version of GTA V?

We all know that Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PC but Rockstar have consistently stated that there is nothing to announce, and have yet to confirm the obvious port. However that just changed.

Rockstar gives us more details about Beach Bum DLC

Rockstar have pretty much ironed out all the issues they had with GTA V Online and are now ready to send out the first DLC of what I can only imagine is going to be a long line of added gameplay.

Make unlimited money in GTA V online, but be careful

Yes another glitch in Grand Theft Auto V online and again it is all about making more money. Now obviously making money is an issue in the game as the amount of these glitches that can be found is quite incredible.

Rockstar cancels the ability to buy cash online, for now.

We’ve already covered the idea that Rockstar is going to allow us to buy in game cash and how Rockstar clarified that it won’t affect the balance of the game. But now neither of those things matter as Rockstar has pulled the ability to purchase in game cash with real money.

Has EWN just made up news to make videogames look bad? [No they have not.. read the update]

[Update] More information has come to light, please check the bottom for full info.

Gaming being blamed for society's ills is nothing new, every time someone does something stupid and also plays games it is the games that get blamed but has local mainstream media EWN gone too far and simply made up news to try and garner attention?

Rockstar clarifies the micro transactions in GTA V

Yesterday we posted about the Internet rumour that Rockstar was preparing to micro transaction us to death in GTA V online with the ability to buy cash using real world money. Well Rockstar has responded and confirmed that this is in fact entirely true.

Is Rockstar preparing to nickel and dime us?

If there is something that I truly hate right now it’s the current fashion of freemium games where you get the game for free but are then forced to pay out a fortune in micro transactions to actually play the game the way it should have been played.

How to launch vehicles in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is good and I mean really good. The guys and girls at Rockstar have really outdone themselves this time, but in a game that is so massive there are bound to be glitches and the latest one to be found is the ability to launch your vehicles crazy distances across the map.