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Posted by Alessandro Barbosa - 05 Dec 2014

Despite not being able to rope in Epic Games, Microsoft and their own studio, Black Tusk, are hard at work on the next installment of the Gears of War franchise. We've known that for a while, and yet Black Tusk are playing their cards extremely close to the chest. So while we still won't get our first look at Gears of War today, it seems like it's making good progress.

Posted by Yolanda Green - 14 Aug 2012

Epic Games, having owned a large stake of the development studio People Can Fly, has bought the studio completely. People Can Fly, developers of Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment, have worked together with Epic Games on numerous occasions in the last decade, most noticeably on titles such as the PC version of Gears of War.

Posted by Darryn Bonthuys - 05 Oct 2011

Its only been out for just over two weeks, but suffice to say, Gears of War 3 has been a smash hit with gamers worldwide. Even though its a bit on the pricy side, there’s no doubt that Epic is going to offload a whole heap of DLC with eager players, and now we have our first pack of digital content confirmed and on the way.

Here’s what you can expect to get for your 800 MS Points when the Horde Command Pack rolls around in November.

Posted by Hadlee - 08 Dec 2009

From the helpless damsel in distress to the typical gangbanger – gaming has always had stereotypes in place. So let’s take a look at some of the more popular examples shall we? Stereotypes in RPGs And what better place to start at than the titular (hehe) hero? Cloud Strife and Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia are but two examples. and it’s almost par for the course that this stereotypical character shall look out from a high point at some point in the game (perhaps wondering why they’re the world’s saviour yet can’t even get with the female supporting character). Speaking of female supporting character, it’s always a physically weak spellcaster/medic. What, so all little girls go to a school where chemistry is the only subject and with no Phys. Ed whatsoever? The school must have a helluva first aid training course too. This wasn’t only an RPG convention, as Resident Evil has shown us right from the start – with Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers being the weak ones, yet having a greater proficiency with herbs.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 21 Apr 2009

I was just browsing VG247 and saw an interview they had with Prototype’s developer about the game, while nothing really exciting was announced Tim Bennison did go on to say

“The first time a player throws a corrupt Blackwatch soldier into the blades of an attack chopper, we think they’ll have a big smile on their face,”

And yes I smiled thinking about that which is really bizarre if you think about it, we are looking forward to throwing someone into a spinning metal blade and this is okay?

I remember doing a GTA interview with YOU magazine and stating that I enjoy going home and chainsawing locusts in half to relax at night. Obviously the magazine twisted that and my mother was horrified but to be honest it’s perfectly true isn’t it?

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 18 Feb 2009

So the new list of Xbox Live Activity has been released and it's no surprise that COD:WAW is still topping the charts. The list is as follows: Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on Unique User’s)

1 Call of Duty: WaW 2 Halo 3 3 Call of Duty 4 4 Gears of War 2 5 Halo Wars Demo 6 GTA IV 7 Left 4 Dead 8 Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X: Rio Demo 9 FIFA 09 10 RESIDENT EVIL 5 Demo

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 16 Jan 2009

Not only is Nintendo the undisputed champion of hardware sales – it seems its software is causing cash registers to whirr in a frenzy too. According to NPD’s end of year figures, five of the top ten selling games of 2008 were from the Japanese giants. Other juggernauts include GTA IV - which sold a total of 5.18 million copies - and the 360 version Call of Duty: World at War, outselling the much anticipated 360 exclusive Gears of War 2 (which is sure to make CliffyB Cliff Blezinski cry into his morning cup of coffee.) We all know of course that Wii Play is nothing more than a demo bundled with a wiimote, and shouldn’t really be included. Somewhat surprisingly, not a single PS3 exclusive made it in to the top 10. Where are Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet? Click through to see the 10 top selling games of 2008.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 24 Nov 2008

This entire story with the Gears of War 2 Map Packs in South Africa have been a bit of a complete bummer for all of us. While we can assure you that we are still hard at work with our mission to try and get map codes to all South Africans, regardless of the odds, something very interesting (and not good) has arisen.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 20 Nov 2008

So, the other night we were playing a game of Gears of War 2 and we were all destroying each other on a map called Day One. I have taken quite a liking to the photo mode that came with the game, so after my death, I was having my usual fun taking photo's of the action. On the Day One map there is a small street corner arcade, in which I found something rather interesting.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 19 Nov 2008

While a lot of us are still hurting from the sting of not receiving the map pack codes in South Africa, a few images have popped up on Flickr that show someone playing Gears of War 2 on a never-before-seen multiplayer map. The new map looks to be some sort of take on the whole sunken-city idea and could be one of many that are already in the works as DLC. Once again, there is no way to tell if us South Africans will even have any access to them, so maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up. Pics after the jump. [Thanks to Poddle for the tip]

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 18 Nov 2008

I know that all of you are actually all waiting for a response from Epic about the Map codes but unfortunately, we have been left waiting for the people at Microsoft to respond. On a different note, anyone who has tried to join a game using matchmaking will know that it's bordering on being completely broken as we hear that finding a game takes somewhere in the region of 20 minutes. Rod Fergusson, the producer of Gears of War 2 has addressed the issue on the Epic forums saying that they have heard the cries of the gamers and are working with Microsoft to try and get a solution, although it doesn't look like we will have anything anytime soon. He lists a couple of ways to try and speed things up and also gives a few interesting facts about Gears of War 2's online performance since release, so click through the source and read his post for yourself. source: Epic Forums via Xbox360Fanboy

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 17 Nov 2008

One of the new additions to Gears of War 2 is the ability to take photo's whilst spectating then upload them to your profile on the Gears of War website so that you can view them, download them or share them with your friends. Here's a small gallery of a few images that I took this week, check out the action of some of our multiplayer sessions and it's easy to see how crazy some of the battles can get. All the pics are available after the jump.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 17 Nov 2008

Gears of War 2 has been a massive success, pulling in tons of sales in it's first week as well as breaking a couple of Xbox Live records. The original Gears of War multiplayer laid down the foundation to which all of the hype and excitement was formed for the coming of the sequel but one must wonder if Epic got lucky. While a lot of us have been enjoying Gears of War 2 this week, there are many fans out there who do not feel the same way. The Epic Gears of War 2 forums have been set ablaze with posts complaining about changes made to the core gameplay as well as a few new unwelcome additions. More after the jump.

Posted by Nick de Bruyne - 06 Nov 2008

[ Update no.3: We have received another Reply from Epic. It seems that spamming them will not do any good because MS generates the codes. It's still 5am in Redmond, so we will have to wait a little to get some answers but it seems like answers is what we will be getting.

Hooray for not being ignored! ]

[ Update no.2 : Mike Capps from Epic has replied! He say's the following:

"Hi nick. News to me, let me check!"

There may be hope yet! ]

[ Update: I have just emailed Mike Capps, the president of Epic Games to see if there is any sort of arrangement that can be made for South African gamers. Hopefully we will have a response soon with regards to the codes. ]

I really hope that I get proven wrong on this one because if I don't, it will be a pretty sad piece of news for us South Africans.

As you all know, a few South Africans have been able to get their hands on copies of Gears of War 2 a few days early. I got the chance to speak to someone who has already gotten a copy and has played a sneaky multiplayer session with a few other of the lucky folks who got it early as well.

The problem is that none of them could find the "Flashback Map Pack" code in their Gears of War 2 boxes.

Say it ain't so. More after the jump.