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The Cole Train will return in the new Gears of War

There are just some things about Gears of War that you can’t hate. Cutting down a locust with the lancer ranks pretty highly, but getting to play a small piece of Thrashball with Augustus “Cole Train” Cole has to take the cake, and not because the ball was actually a massive bomb.

E3 2014: The No Shows

There are a few things we would have liked to see, but unfortunately didn’t. Let’s take a look at the game we thought we’d see a little of, but didn’t.

Ten games that we want to see remastered

When the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era started, publishers were quick to bundle older-gen games together, selling off a slightly HD collection of previously played titles that had been given a slap of 16:9 paint. With the new-gen, that’s not going to be a passing fad, although developers and studios are quick to call re-released games “Remastered Editions”.

What do you want to see in the next Gears of War?

One of the things I’m hoping to see at Microsoft conference is the brand new Gears of War from Black Tusk studios but at the same time I’m worried they are going to continue to get the spirit of the game wrong.

Black Tusk’s Gears of War will be ‘innovative’

Who’s up for another Gears of War game? I certainly am, although the last release, Gears of War: Judgement, was rather sub-standard. Black Tusk is now in charge of that franchise. And you can expect their GOW game to be ‘innovative’. Or better with Kinect (Citation Needed).

Epic Games wasn’t interested in more Gears of War

We all know that the future of gaming will be about new visuals, new waggle movement technology and games starring heroes who look like they pump more steroids in their veins than an entire gym locker room. Epic Games may have moved onto greener pastures, leaving Gears of War behind, but there’s a  good reason for that. It’s because Epic lost interest in the franchise.

The next Gears of War must ‘reignite the franchise’

If there’s one game that got me sold on console gaming, it was Gears of War. It was one of my very first games on the Xbox 360 and since then, I’ve played all of them. Gears of War 3 was the pinnacle of the series, with many a night ending in my character dying from pink shotgun wounds. And the next Gears game will need to recapture that spirit.

Halo 5 pushed into 2015 and a Xbox One price cut rumoured

I do find it strange that certain sites have certain followers and that somehow Neogaf has turned into the forum where all the industry insiders meet and publicly reveal confidential information about their products.

Microsoft now owns Gears of War

There’s been speculation for quite some time as to whether or not the last generation’s defining game, Gears of War, would be headed to PlayStation platforms. The IP itself was owned by Epic Games, so it wouldn’t have been much of a stretch. Finally putting an end to that sort of conjecture, Microsoft has acquired the rights from Epic, making it Xbox exclusive in perpetuity.

The Lazygamer Top 100 games of this generation – 21-30

Three more posts and we're done with the generation. Hard to believe it! So many fantastic games - it has been really hard ranking all of these. No, that's a lie, we just made our list and Gavin told us we were all wrong. In any event, here are the games that made us happy to be gamers this generation - no sales, scores or metrics were used to create this list.

It looks like Gears of War is definitely going multiplatform

One of the outstanding titles from the last generation has been uncommonly quiet so for in the lead up to the new generation.

Is Gears of War coming to PlayStation 4?

Love it or hate it, but Gears of War could quite easily be considered the defining game of the current console generation. It’s the game that made many, many people opt for the Xbox 360, and led to this being a generation of grey and brown cover shooters. And it might be coming to the PlayStation 4.

Ex Gears of War and Bioshock veteran joins 2K

Rod Fergusson is the epitome of a person with ants in their pants at the moment, with the amount of moving he’s currently doing in the gaming industry.

Want a next-gen Gears of War? Ask Epic

The one Microsoft title that’s conspicuously absent from the list of launch titles is the game that helped the Xbox 360 sell so many consoles in the first place; Gears of War. Many fans are wondering just where that next-gen Gears of War is. Nowhere at the moment, according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer.

How to celebrate an anniversary like a gamer

Now if there’s one thing I happen to know a ton about, it’s spoiling ladies. No wait, it’s Beyblade, the stupidest cartoon ever made. What I do know though, is that anniversaries are important. Some years require porcelain, others require diamond gifts. And some years, require a Gears of War tribute.