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Don’t miss out on the Gears action this weekend

Don’t miss out on the Gears action this weekend

Lone Wolves kick off the second round of the Microsoft SA Gears of war: Judgment tournament tonight, and all games will be live streamed. Who will you be supporting?

Gears of War: Judgment the last in the series?

According to investment company, Cowen and Company, the two big hitting titles from last month are both failing to gain traction at retail and as such they expect them both to miss their sales targets.

Gears of War: Judgement comp will be live streamed

So have you entered yet for the Microsoft sponsored local Gears of War: Judgement competition that is starting next week? If not then head over here to read all the instructions and enter to win some cool prizes.

A final goodbye to Gears of War 3

Competitive Gears of War 3 players say goodbye to their beloved game as the finals of the CMR Gears of War 3 Grand Finale plays out tonight. Local Xbox 360 clan Crimson Moon Rising and El33tonline hosted this tournament as the last before Gears of War Judgment releases.

One of us won that 40” LED Samsung from Microsoft

So the first week of the Gears of War: Judgement competition is over and 5 lucky people have walked away with 2100 MS Point vouchers and one exceptionally lucky person has walked away with a Samsung 40” 3D LED TV.. and it makes me ever so happy to announce he was a Lazygamer.

Gears of War: Judgment Pre-Launch Trailer

My most anticipated game of the year is coming out in around two weeks and to make this two week wait even harder to handle People Can Fly have released their pre-launch trailer.

Gears of War: Judgement Aftermath–A secret campaign segment

We’ve already covered the Gears of War: Judgement Survival Mode and Campaign in quite a lot of detail but those stars you collect in campaign mode aren’t just for bragging. In fact you are going to want to collect at least 40 of them to unlock the hidden Aftermath campaign.

Gears of War: Judgement hands on

Late yesterday I posted up my experience with the brand new Gears of War: Judgement survival mode which was the biggest surprise from my hands on experience with the game in Poland. However I was also treated to some levels of the standard campaign and the secret Aftermath levels

Gears of War: Judgement reveals Survival mode

Last week I was over in Poland at the People Can Fly studios for a bit of a hands on before Gears of War: Judgement is released later this month -  and it was revealed at this event that a brand new multiplayer mode is being added to Gears of War: Judgement called Survival.

Level up faster with Gears of War’s Season Pass

We here at Lazygamer are not big fans of Season Passes. Essentially, you’re pre-ordering DLC, paying for something that might not even have been properly conceptualised yet. Usually you’ll get some half-arsed map packs, maybe some single player content but usually end up with an empty virtual wallet. Gears of War: Judgement, which we’ve already told you will have a Season Pass, is adding something else to the mix – a permanent Double XP boost.

New Gears of War leaked, Microsoft warns of bans

It’s only out in a month’s time, but Gears of War: Judgement, the next game in the blockbuster third person shooter franchise has been leaked online, meaning once again that pirates get to play before paying customers. It’s popped up on torrent sites and other bits of the internet’s seedy underbelly; just know this – playing the game online will probably get your console banned.

The Kinect Gears of War game that never was

Past rumours have suggested that there was, at one point, a Kinect exclusive Gears of War game headed for the Xbox 360. That game was apparently called Gears of War Exile, and would have you using nought but motion controls. Some figured it might be an on-rails shooter – while we thought it could work better as an RTS. Looks like we may have been right.

Reminder: Join us at the Halo 4 finals, play Gears of War Judgement

The Halo 4 finals take place in Johannesburg on February 9, and as you already know you could join us there. What you might not know though is that Microsoft will also have Gears of War: Judgement playable on the floor.

Judgement’s “The Guts of Gears”

If there’s one Xbox 360 exclusive that I’m looking forward to this year, it’s Gears of War: Judgement. Of course, that’s because it’s the only Xbox 360 exclusive this year – but I’m actually keen to see what Bulletstorm and Painkiller developers People Can Fly does with the franchise in epic’s stead.

The Gears of War series sells over 19 million units

Yesterday, for those of you unaware, was the 6th year anniversary of Emergence Day, the release of the original Gears of War for the Xbox 360. A title, many would say, that defined this console generation.