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36% of all games bought on Steam are never played

The gaming backlog. We all have it, that pile of shame and neglect. Hell, I’ve got one that I’ve barely made a dent in since I started using Steam heavily a few years ago. In fact, I’ve only just started playing Company of Heroes, and I’ve had that game since THQ was alive. And it looks like I’m not the only person with some catching up to do.

The top 10 Gaming YouTubers in 2014 so far

We all know that gaming is big money, Call of Duty smashes the billion dollar mark hours after the game is released every year. Grand Theft Auto has already surpassed 30 million sales and the PS4 is flying off shelves at record breaking pace.

Microsoft is considering Xbox 360 emulation on the Xbox One

We’re in a new generation of console gaming, with both machines boasting solid performance upgrades and more of that social network integration that is all the buzz these days. One thing that neither console has though? Backwards compatibility for the previous generation. Sony has a streaming idea to bring some retro love to the PS4. But Microsoft has a better idea in the works.

FFD: What games do you keep coming back to?

There are thousands of games released every year, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all got backlogs of games that we keep meaning to start playing but never actually get around to. Instead, there are games we keep coming back to instead.

Australian Government to reform game classification

Oh good, the Australian Federal Government has realised that the way we classify games in Australia is really stupid and antiquated - so they’ve taken recommendations from the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association and the Australian Law Reform Commission to take steps to a more streamlined and considering approach.

Ubisoft pledges lasting support for the old consoles

Assassin’s Creed Unity is coming later this year, and like many new-gen franchises, will be shrugging off the shackles of last-gen’s graphical constraints. That doesn’t mean that Ubisoft won’t still be releasing games for the old consoles though.

Rumour – PlayStation 4 to support PS1 and PS2 games in full 1080p HD

As much as I love playing a new game, I also love going back a few years to get a little retro love. Dating your mom is besides the point, but this also applies to gaming. Unfortunately, I can’t jam Crash Bandicoot or Nuclear Strike on a PlayStation 4. Not right now that is, as plans are in place to not only bring those games to a new platform, but to throw in some HD love as well.

The Top Ten most magnificent moments of video game acting

Gaming, you’ve come a long way. It used to be that selling a specific scene ina  video game was a Herculean task, limited by a lack of audio and visual technology. These days though, we’ve got motion capture, professional voice actors and all kinds of new advances in gaming. But even then, we take those moments of acting for granted. Here’s ten of the best scenes, that combined all of the above to be truly outstanding works of art.

Reviewing games and scoring woes

I just reviewed Yoshi’s New Island for the 3DS yesterday. As of today, my score is the highest on Metacritic because I gave the game an 8.5. As it turns out, not many other sites agree with me.

Xbox Live weekly deals include Ghosts and Assassins

We’re still early into the year, and have not yet had to resort to eating the pizza delivery man in order to remain well-fed. Which means that you might still have a few bucks lying around for some games! Here’s a bunch of discounts, for all you Xbox owners out there.

PSA – Gaming sales now on

It’s not yet the end of the month and you’re already eating the box that your Corn Flakes came in. Still, much like an alcoholic or a smoker, you always have money for some addiction. So here’s how you can save a few bucks with these current gaming sales.

100 games coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2014

Right now, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is still the darling of the console gaming industry, despite the fact that it really has very few games out, and few on the immediate horizon. Don’t fret, PlayStation 4 owners, those games are coming.

Google Glass has mini-games now!

Perhaps the first step towards real mobile augmented reality games, Google has released five demo mini-games for early adopters of the wearable smart phone. If you happen to be one of those early adopters, you can download the games here. The games available are Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Matcher, and Shape Splitter. They are all really simple in their design, but they show off some of the lesser-known technologies and capabilities of Google Glass and how they could be applied to games.

Telltale would love to make a James Bond game

For the most famous not-so-secret spy in the world, James Bond hasn’t exactly managed to successfully infiltrate gaming. There’ve been some great efforts in the past, but they’ve been overshadowed by numerous games in the franchise that were 00-Crap. And if Telltale Games had their way, they’d make a James Bond title that was faithful to the source material.

How’s your post-holiday backlog looking?

For many unfortunates, holidays came to an abrupt end last week already, but for most of us, today means going back to work after a short break. I don’t know what you did with your time off, but my goal was to plough through as many games as possible, in an attempt to destroy my ever-increasing backlog of games.