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Samsung introduces a gamepad

Mobile gaming is a huge industry, with people spending billions every year on mobile, touch-screen games and their myriad micro-transactions ever year. Pity touch-screen controls for the most part suck. It makes sense for platform holders to really support gaming though; Apple’s recently included support for gamepads in it’s mobile operating system, and now, Samsung’s done the same.

Assassin’s Creed 3 review: Better on Wii U?

We all watched it or experienced it in some way. There was a large countdown clock in the office, ticking down to the time when Geoff would stop drooling on us and get the game. When it arrived he disappeared, hiding in his gaming cave, barely noticing the bits of food we tossed in for him. Then the wailing and gnashing of teeth started. Like for many of us, Geoff was having a hard time adjusting to the disparity between his expectations and the game itself. While it wasn't a rubbish game, it wasn't the pinnacle that he was lusting after, the crowning glory, so to speak. Phallic implications aside, what did Ubisoft achieve with the game on the Wii U?

How the Wii U’s Gamepad works

In a surprisingly entertaining and engaging  video, the folks from The Clan of the Grey Wolf have made a Wii U centric episode of their “The Way Games Work” series of videos showing, well, how the Wii U’s GamePad tablet controller works.

Wii U dual GamePad games will only arrive “next year”

The Wii U arrives on our shores on November 30, and will most likely cost a pretty penny or several thousand, based on inflation. Still, there’s some decent hardware packed in there, primarily that GamePad tablet controller. Heck, if you’ve got the cash, you might even want to buy two of them to play games on. Except you won’t be able to, because games that support such fancy dual-gaming capabilities, won’t be out until next year at least.

Check out the Wii-U’s new controller

Some things are very obvious in hindsight and the fact that Nintendo has just revealed a standard controller for their upcoming Wii-U is such an obvious move I can’t believe no one really mentioned it before hand.