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A more “authentic” Brothers in Arms game is on the way

Gearbox isn’t having a good day. Their latest game, Aliens: Colonial Marines has chest-bursted into a flamethrower of bad reviews and hate, leaving that game in some bad waters. While they hit it big last year with a Borderlands sequel, Gearbox aslo has another game on the way. A spin-off of the long-running Brothers in Arms franchise, Furious 4 is scheduled for release later this year. It’s a game which has seen some drastic changes made to the formula of that revered series, much to the despair of some long-time fans. But don’t fret, because a more “authentic” Brother in Arms game is on the way. Eventually.

Brendan McNamara’s next game will be "one of the great untold stories of the 20th Century"

Controversial developer Brendan McNamara may not be working on a sequel to the hit LA Noire any time soon, due to his studio, Team Bondi, having filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean that he is out of the game-making business completely.

At the Bradford Animation Festival 2011 this week, McNamara spoke about his next big project, and what he learnt about game-making after his experiences with LA Noire.