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Prey 2 “was a full game, fun,” says former writer

If there’s one game that I’m hoping to see at E3, besides the console version of Farming Simulator 2013, it’s Prey 2. It’s been a couple of years now since it debuted, and since then it’s been passed around like a bottle at a teenager slumber party. And according to one guy who worked on it, it’s a “crazy fun” game.

New Super Mario Bros U review

It would be easy to believe that New Super Mario Bros U. is a simple cash-in; something to give the masses of early Wii U adopters as some sort of peace offering until a real Mario game arrives for the new system. Even its name is a bit of an insult; as the fourth game to fall under the “New Super Mario Bros.” calling it “new” is an affront. A nostalgic stab in the face, it’s not quite as ground-breaking as something like Super Mario Galaxy, but dismissing it would be a grace offense – because it’s the best damned 2D Mario since the 16-bit era’s Super Mario World. In fact, I think it might even be better.

Borderlands 2 review – Still no rest for the wicked

It’s been three years since Gearbox’s revelatory, unique hybrid of role-playing game and first-person shooter captured gamers’ imaginations with its alluring cell-shaded aesthetic, ludicrously addictive looting, oddball humour, bazillions of guns and sublime co-operative play. The novelty of it all has worn away, its sheen and lustre lost to age. It was an underdog then, but its sequel’s out now – bringing with it a ton of expectation. Can it still deliver a compelling experience?

Beyond: Two souls is not about fun

It’s about emotion!

If you’re expecting Quantic Dreams’ Beyond: Two souls to play similarly to the company’s last game, Heavy Rain, then you’re probably going to get what you expect. If you’re the sort of gamer who thinks Heavy Rain barely qualified as a game - then Beyond’s probably not going to tickle your fancy either.

New New Super Mario Bros 2 Trailer

Yeah, I’m an unabashed Mario fan - so things like this make me all giddy inside. Even though the 2D Mario formula really hasn’t changed very much since the release of Super Mario Bros on the NES in 1985, the games are still a blast to play. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, I guess.

Research using SCIENCE to make games more fun

Ever wondered why sometimes when you’re playing a game, you’re just not enjoying yourself - while other games make you feel like you’ve been sucking on Nitrous oxide and snorting cocaine off of dead hookers’ backs? No, it’s not because of the gameplay, mechanics, or visuals. It’s because of a completely quantifiable thing, called fun.

The latest Diablo 3 patch may have ruined the game…

Diablo 3, has had a rocky ride so far. Error 37, lagging issues and poor quality loot is one thing, but that’s what patches are for. Right? Except the latest Diablo 3 patch has made the game even more exploitable, as one Blizzard forumite has found out. It’s outrageous!

Let Capcom tell you why Dragon’s Dogma is awesome

I‘ve been playing a preview build of Capcom’s first real open-world RPG. It’s got a few issues, but there’s a pretty amazing experience to be found in the action-oriented, combat-focused game. It’s messy, it’s got some clumsy, odd cheesy Japanesey dialogue that’s discordant with the game’s high fantasy setting, and probably of the worst title songs I’ve heard since Street Fighter IV’s  “The Next Door ” (INNNNNNNDESTRUCTIBLE - I wang gibbleborry brammy dorm!) - but it’s also pretty wonderful; a fusion of eastern and western game design sensibilities.

But enough of me telling you how much I like it and how awesome it’s going to be. Let Capcom do it instead. In this first developer diary for the game, Capcom explains how it assembled an internal dream team comprised of the company’s luminaries for the game, how it’s Capcom’s most ambitious title to date, and how climbing, grabbing and throwing things is awesome.

Rayman Origins Review (PSVita)- “A Ray of Sunshine”

How do you treat that awful and exhaustive gamer sickness called chronic adult-onset cynicalgameritis? Apparently, the only known treatment involves an exceptionally good platformer. called Rayman Origins. I'll admit, I have ridiculously high standards when it comes to games, and very few will ever get my stamp of approval. However, when the Xbox 360 version fell into my lap last year, it was love at first sight. It was undoubtedly a ray of sunshine; a nostalgic nod to a bygone era, when games were fun, yet tough as nails.

Fast forward a few months, and the obvious question is how does the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) version compare to its console counterparts? I'm sure you're eager to know whether we need to stoke the bonfire and ready the hounds or celebrate its arrival. After all, game ports have developed a less than stellar reputation.

Trailer Park King Episode 2–A review.. well nearly

It’s not often that we get to review indie games mainly because of the huge amount of retail titles that get sent our way but it’s January and I didn’t want to review a hidden object game so when an email arrived asking if we’d like to review a game about half naked ladies, trailer park trash and yeah who am I kidding I was sold on the first line.

Trailer Park King 2 is a direct follow on from Trailer Park King which I have unfortunately not played so I was a little lost when the game started.

Rayman Origins Review – Sleep stifling sillyness

Jumping jabberwocky! Galloping gunwhales and lumbering Lums! Don't understand any of this? No fear, it hardly makes any sense to me either!

Rayman Origins brings the ridiculous world of Rayman to nonsensical life in beautifully bubbly HD graphics.

Mouse trails from Skyrim, Oblivion and WoW

There is a running joke in the gaming community that a game of Diablo sounds like this *click*, *click*, *click*, *click*, *click*, *click*, *click*, *click*, *click*, *click*,.. ah done

Yeah it’s not very good but we’ll use it anyway. However it raises a question on how many movements you do actually make with your mouse while playing a game and how many times you click?

Video Game Pictograms; Can you solve them all?

I do love Rebus puzzle, known more commonly as pictograms or visual puzzles. They tickle those almost dead bits of my brain that even beer, that most salacious slutty of beverages refuses to touch. Some clever person on the internet has made a collection of video game ones; some are tricky, some less so – and some are at least guaranteed to elicit a chuckle. Try and see if you can solve them all; It’s not like you have work to do or anything. I’ll start you off; A1 on the first grid is “Endless Ocean,” B1 is “Twisted Metal.” Clever, eh?

Kinect Reviewed – Master Motion Capture or Party Favour?

Microsoft is treating the Kinect not as an extra peripheral you can add onto your Xbox 360 but as an entirely new console launch and way to play gaming; something they anticipate will keep the 360 moving for at least another couple of years. Do they have a winner on their hands or is the Kinect going to be the biggest failure in Microsoft’s history?

2010 Is Going to Be Great for Nintendo Fans, Says Miyamoto


Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s legendary – and obviously influenced by LSD – designer has stated that 2010 is going to be a great one for Nintendo loyalists who favour “core” games. All 3 of them.

When CVG asked him what he had to say to Nintendo fans who’d felt let down by the lack of hardcore games on the systems, he replied :