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Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 20 Mar 2015

People are jerks. Well, some of them are, anyway. Ok, fine…most of them are. Not the lot of you reading this, obviously. You’re all wonderful. While those of us entrenched in this hobby we love so much are general happy to make recommendations of games we love to our friends, family and acquaintances we don’t wish to see swallowed up by the earth, have you ever considered what games – or bits of games - you wish you could force upon your enemies?

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 24 Jan 2014

Many games, especially RPG’s now offer players a choice. Often it’s some sort of binary option, giving you the illusion of choice, freedom and consequence. Sometimes it’s more than that though, sometimes your choices really do matter – especially when they result in the death of a character you’ve become emotionally attached to.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 05 Jul 2013

One thing that was quite prevalent at E3 this year was companion gaming; a second-screen provided by a tablet, smartphone or handheld that augments or enhances traditional gameplay. Some of the most intriguing games this year make use of the feature, including The Division and Watch Dogs from Ubisoft, Dead Rising 3 from Capcom, and even Battlefield 4 – which allows “commanders” to take control of the battlefield with a birds-eye view from a tablet or PC.

Posted by Geoffrey Tim - 14 Dec 2012

Not all games are created equal, yet for the most part, they’re priced equally. We live in a world where Ninja Gaiden 3 costs the same as Far Cry 3; Where Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City cost the same as Sleeping Dogs. Awful games shouldn’t cost the same as great ones, but they do. In fact, it looks like things might be going the other way, and we might be paying more  for the good ones.

Posted by Gavin Mannion - 05 Oct 2010

Not content with just saying that inFamous 2 could only happen on the PS3 the PS3 loyal developer has now stated that inFamous 2 is only using 50% of the PS3’s power and it already couldn’t be run on a Xbox 360.

And they expect to pile even more power into this game meaning that you will need to duct tape 2 Xbox 360’s together if you want to run inFamous on the Microsoft platform.