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FFD: Is multiplayer taking a backseat?

The gaming industry seems to work in cycles. Whatever the soup du jour  is at the moment won’t be popular in a few years, with something else taking its places at the most popular genre years later. Only to be usurped later still by something else. Since the advent of the last generation of consoles, the online multiplayer shooter has been king of the hill, with the result being that just about every game in every genre has had tacked-on shoe-horned multiplayer.  Lately though, more and more games are eschewing multiplayer in favour of more meaningful single player experiences.

FFD: Next-Gen is now current gen. Do you care?

With all three consoles from all tree major players now available at retail, it’s time to stop calling it “next-gen.” Next gen is here, right now – so it’s the current gen, I guess. and that’s exciting. Maybe.

FFD: Who has the worst fanboys?

This is a question we’ve actually asked before, but it was years ago, and we had a much smaller community then. With the release of a brand new wave of consoles though, the question is once again pertinent.

Flamebait Friday Debate – What’s your guilty pleasure?

No one wants to waste money on a bad game. But sometimes, a gamer happens to have put down a few hundred Randelas for an absolute piece of crap in digital form. Sometimes though, that particular game ain’t so bad. Sure, everyone else may hate it, but you love it.

FFD: Are you buying GTA V?

I’ll be pretty blunt. I hated the hell out of GTA IV. While Niko Bellic may have been a loveable rogue, his fat annoying cousin was, well…fat and annoying; and the tone of the game and the pursuit for realism (at the time!) regularly made me sick to my stomach. I just didn’t find the game fun.  And yet, here I am, caught up in the ridiculous hype that Rockstar has very carefully curated.

FFD: What would you like to see announced at Gamescom?

Next week, Gamescom - the world’s largest gaming expo -  kicks off in Cologne, Germany and we’ll be there to drink all the beer bring you the news as it happens. As is usual, there’ll be press conferences, announcements and hands-on sessions; and Gamescom is no longer the E3 aftershow it’s always been considered to be.  Mostly though, we’re looking forward to all the beer announcements. Notable is that Microsoft will be hosting a Gamescom press conference for the first time, joining Sony and EA.

FFD: Which gaming debates are you tired of hearing?

for some reason, gamers from different walks just can’t seem to get along – and there are always arguments and debates about something that should really be about fun.

FFD: Do You invert, bro?

No matter whether you play on consoles or PC, there exists another two subdivisons of gamers who just can’t understand each other; those who play with inverted controls, and those who don’t.

FFD: Is Microsoft back in the game?

For a while there, it seemed like the next-generation console war was over before it even began. Sony had already won gamers over with its gamer and developer-minded console, and then Microsoft scored an own-goal by saddling its next-generation console with consumer-unfriendly DRM. And then that changed.

FFD: What games do you wish you’d played?

Unless you’re swimming in expendable income, it’s impossible for the average gamer to own every platform and play every great game. Whether it’s because of budgetary constraints, a lack of time, or because the damned games or their systems weren’t released locally – there has to be a bunch of games that you really wished you could play, but couldn’t.

FFD: Call of Duty – best thing ever, or worst thing ever?

Call of Duty. Some love it (perhaps a little too much), while others detest its very name (definitely a little too much). While we could debate about its merits and flaws as a series of games forever, we won’t be doing that today. Instead, let’s rather discuss its impact on the video game industry as a whole.

FFD: So, about those always-online single player games

Perpetually connected, mostly single player game Diablo III’s launch was a mess. For weeks afterwards the game was nearly unplayable, giving people the now infamous Error 37 message. It’s a mistake EA should have learned from – but didn’t. Its own perpetually connected, mostly single player game launched this week – and server issues have caused a huge uproar, with people waiting hours just to be able to play the game they’ve bought.

FFD: Do you even Microtransact, bro?

It all started with a bit of Horse Armor. For just 5 USD, you could outfit your in-game horse with some sweet looking armour that made your equine beast look shiny, but did very little else. Since then, it’s all spiralled out of control – we’ve got season passes, online passes and worse.

FFD: What are you looking forward to this year?

Welcome one and all to the very first Flamebait Friday Debate of 2013, most everyone is still on leave so we could use this time to fling obscenities at them or we could be more civil and just have a chat about what we are all looking forward to this year.