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Final Fantasy going Bravely Default?

Bravely Default was certainly that - courageously returning to the default approach JRPGs should take. It was a whole bunch of fun and is yet another reason people should have a 3DS. Now, its sales are making Square Enix sit up and listen.

Final Fantasy III is coming to Steam

What’s old is new again. Out of all the Final Fantasies, Final Fantasy III is most likely the one game that I’m least qualified to talk about, having never played it. Still, provided that I can ignore that dusty emulator folder on my PC, I’ll be getting a chance to do so when the game hits Steam later this year.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review – A Phoenix Rises

Having played FFXIV: A Realm Reborn in Beta on the PS3, I wasn't really too sure what to expect on the new generation console. Would it be the same thing, just made a bit more pretty? Or would it make a decent game into a fantastic experience? Square Enix has made an excellent contribution to the MMORPG genre, perhaps the best MMO that I've played to date. Most of their awful UI and account management issues seem to be resolved on the new console, which means I could focus on playing the game instead of the chore of its admin.

New Final Fantasy XV details emerge from Japan

Final Fantasy XIII was quite a divisive entry in the franchise. The Marmite of JRPGs, fans either loved or hated it. Now details are coming out on Final Fantasy XV, and this may just be the game that fans have been waiting for.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review – In need of salvation

Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 were very different. They featured differing combat styles, gameplay mechanics and even changes to open world approaches. Lightning Returns, the final installment in the trilogy, carries on the tradition of changing everything. Unfortunately, these changes are not improvements.

Lightning may return again in Final Fantasy XV

I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII: Lighting Returns. You'll be getting a review from me ASAP, but suffice it to say that I'm tired of Lightning. However, it seems that I may be in the minority - apparently she's so popular, that she'll be seen again in future Final Fantasy games.

Lightning Returns retro recap looks better than the actual game

I cannot contain my indifference for Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns. I enjoyed a great deal of Final Fantasy XIII and its cleverer-than-you-think paradigm shift battle system and Final Fantasy XIII-2 is one of the best games in the series in ages, but I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the entire Fabula Nova Crystallis saga. Plus Vanille’s in it, and if I have to hear her any more I may just have to defenestrate myself…even if she has got a funny new hat. And yet, this recap of the events so far is utterly charming.

Square Enix committed to mobile development, not neglecting console

I think I have battered woman syndrome when it comes to Square Enix. Back in the day, Squaresoft consistently released games that I loved. Lately, there have been a bunch of duds and weird statements from Squeenix that make question if they know what they're doing. But clearly that didn't mean any of those bad things now that they're saying good ones, right?

Tips and tricks for Final Fantasy 8

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’re either reliving some nostalgia, or want to experience one of the best Final Fantasy games ever made. Final Fantasy 8 is now out on Steam, but don’t let that old school charm fool you, because it’s a damn hard game. Fortunately, I’ve played way too much of it, and have some wisdom to share.

Final Fantasy 8 could be headed to Steam

Junction this rumour to something that I am really, really keen to see come true. Final Fantasy 8 is without a doubt my favourite game in the entire franchise. It had great gameplay, story and visuals and it still happens to be plenty playable years after release. And it might be getting an upgrade for a Steam release.

Lightning straps Moogles to her lady lumps

I love Moogles. I remember old school Final Fantasy games when you could even get Mog to join your party, or when you had to find all the Moogles hidden around the world. They are awesome and help define Final Fantasy games - it's no wonder they're part of what make FFXIV awesome. This, though, is just weird.

Final Fantasy XIV patch gives you a house

I really enjoyed my brief time playing Final Fantasy XIV - it's one of those games I really need the time to get back into. However, it's already getting its first major patch, one that will let you get land and a home.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster delayed until March

In what could actually be some good news for people who just have too many damn games to play right now, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster has been pushed back to March next year.

Final Fantasy 7 is a lot jaggier than I remember

Hey, do you follow me on Twitter? Well if you’re a fan of bad jokes, puns and slurs spoken in a Sean Connery accent, then you might dig my tweets. It’s an avenue that I also use to sahre my love of fine YouTube videos. And by fine, I mean completely twisted s!@$ that you should never watch at work. Like this one.

Tidus just made The Big Bang Theory funny…

…For once. I don’t think mere words can illustrate just how much I despise The Big Bang Theory. Or interpretive dance. But let’s just say that I’d rather shove my genitals into a blender than watch a sitcom that is dressed up in nerd culture. At least Tidus finds it funny.