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FFD: October is madness! What games will you be ignoring?

You may have noticed the dearth of noteworthy games being released this month, or indeed next month. We’re in that slump. That changes a bit in September with the local release of the Xbox One, and of course, Destiny. Then in October, everything goes balmy. Just about every game you’re waiting for this year is out in that one little month. With the price of games and the time investment, we’re all going to be forced to ignore a few for now. Which ones will be taking the backseat?

FFD: What games have been given a free pass?

In last week’s FFD, somebody brought up a classic game; Altered Beast. Amongst older gamers, Altered Beast is infamous. It’s highly regarded as an arcade classic and it’s something most of us spent way too many 20c pieces on because we could turn into goddamned werewolves and flying dragons and that is awesome.  Pity the game is actually pretty terrible. I played it relatively recently, and it’s a short, broken, janky mess - yet it’s still almost universally adored. Altered Beast has been given a free pass.

FFD: E3- Are you excited? What do you expect to see?

FFD: Six months into the new generation. Are you impressed?

The first year or so of a new console generation almost always completely fails to be impressive. Sure, things look a little shinier, run a little smoother and integrate more features but there’s almost nothing that blows minds, or melts eyeballs. Is that the same in this eighth generation of consoles?

FFD: How many games do you juggle?

This week, I realised I’m inundated with games. I’m not complaining; It’s just that I’m juggling far too many games at the moment. I seem to have so many games that I start them all, and then jump around instead of focusing on just the one.

FFD: How much time do you spend gaming?

We know, from recent data, that the median age of the game-playing human being is 31. In fact, a pretty small percentage of gamers are the sort of people who don;t have daily responsibilities thanks to that horrible thing that keeps getting in the way: life.

FFD: Are you a completionist?

Collectibles have been a staple in games for a long time, but it was really the first Assassin’s Creed in the last generation, with its flag finding, that had people hunting to collect things for no real reason other than completionism. Sure, Crackdown had its orbs before then – but at least collecting them actually had benefits; you powered up the more of those addictive orbs you collected.

FFD: What games do you keep coming back to?

There are thousands of games released every year, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all got backlogs of games that we keep meaning to start playing but never actually get around to. Instead, there are games we keep coming back to instead.

FFD: Is multiplayer taking a backseat?

The gaming industry seems to work in cycles. Whatever the soup du jour  is at the moment won’t be popular in a few years, with something else taking its places at the most popular genre years later. Only to be usurped later still by something else. Since the advent of the last generation of consoles, the online multiplayer shooter has been king of the hill, with the result being that just about every game in every genre has had tacked-on shoe-horned multiplayer.  Lately though, more and more games are eschewing multiplayer in favour of more meaningful single player experiences.

FFD: What’s your secret gaming shame?

We here at Lazygamer – and I include you, the community in this – are a bunch of well-rounded gamers who enjoy a variety of genres and have vast pools of gaming knowledge acquired over years of gaming. We’re also kind and compassionate souls, who’d never laugh at another gamer for something odd they might enjoy, or a great game they might not have played, right? Right?

FFD: Are you platform monogamous?

On this day of commercially designated romance, we're meant to celebrate our love for that special someone. I don't celebrate it, but Darryn will spend the day rubbing chocolate all over his left hand. So what about our gaming platforms? Do you stick to just one, or are you a true, um, "player"?

FFD: Is Indie gaming taking over?

Independent games have always existed, but in recent times there’s been a commercial and critical boom. More and more indie games are getting exposure, recognition, sales and – importantly – lots of love and playtime from people who play games.

FFD: What games are you looking forward to this year?

Yes believe it or not we are in 2014 now and the next generation has hit us in our face in style and so the obvious question is what are you all looking forward to?

FFD: How stupid are our top 100 games of the generation?

If you’ve been following, we’ve been posting lists of what we’ve established to be the top 100 games of this generation. They’re the games we found to be entertaining, insightful, enlightening or just plain different.