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Ubisoft bringing 5 games to E3

Ubisoft has been behind some of the most popular franchises in recent years - Assassin's Creed and Far Cry get people excited almost as much as promises of The Division. So what will we see at E3?

Far Cry 4 story details revealed

Far Cry 4 has just been announced with nothing more than some cover art, and already there’s a brouhaha on the net about the content of the game. Scandal! Offense! Shut up dammit. Story details have finally escaped thanks to a snafu, before Ubisoft could respond. But like most things on the internet, once it’s up, it’s up for good.

Rumour – Far Cry 4 in development at Ubisoft Shanghai

Some games just can’t keep a secret. Or keep their own existence from leaking out, for that matter. One such game is Far Cry 4, which is about as secret as my Batman fan-fiction. Crap, I wasn’t supposed to mention that! Here take this Far Cry 4 rumour and forget what I just wrote!

Far Cry The Wild Expedition announced

Did you know that the Far Cry franchise is now a decade old? Oh it’s true! And a video game birthday just wouldn’t be complete without some form of celebration, now would it? In other words, open your wallets, because the ultimate collection is on the way.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has sold over a million, could go retail

I pretty much loved Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon this year. It had enough neon lasers to attract a COBRA army and was more 80s than Mr T’s popularity. The game has sold well. So damn well in fact, that Ubisoft has plans to keep those sales rolling for a little while longer.

Take a walk on the wild side with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pretty much came out of nowhere, Cleverly announced on April Fools day, the neon-soaked homage to 80s sci-fi and action films was just too impossibly cool to be true. But it was. And it is. And here’s Blood Dragon’s creative director himself, Dean Evans, walking you through the game itself.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon may be the greatest action movie that will never exist

I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Far Cry 3 when it launched last year. Sure, it was decent and had some solid ideas, but playing as Jason BROdie, repeating certain actions over and over again led to me getting bored with the title. How I wish that Blood Dragon was the game that was released first. Because I am a child of the VHS era.

“Vaas didn’t exist when I auditioned for Far Cry 3″ says Michael Mando

I get you guys. I understand why you were upset when we named Claptrap the voice of gaming in 2012, instead of Michael Mando’s superb turn as the antagonistic Vaas in Far Cry 3. But here’s the thing: Michael Mando was far more than a mere voice behind a microphone. The man brought skill, talent and believability to a role that stretched beyond the audio, and into physical acting as well. So to address that injustice, our favourite contrarion Tauriq Moosa has gone and spoken to Mr Mando - and he revealed something interesting. 

Here are the Magic and Far Cry 3 winners!

Right…today marks the end of two pretty damned popular competitions. The first, courtesy of MagicSA is a Magic the Gathering Holiday 2012 Gift Box – while the other is a real biggy; Far Cry 3 for the platform of your choice, plus a Steelseries multiplatform headset and a host of Far Cry 3 paraphernalia. Let’s cut to the chase and announce the winners, shall we?

Win an Amazing Far Cry 3 hamper!

Last night, I said to myself, I said ‘Darryn, you’re not going to buy Far Cry 3, no matter how delicious it looks! We’ve got other games to finish first! Strength man, strength!’. And then I noticed that my hand had already gone and clicked pre-order on the website for it. Damn I’m weak! And you want the game as well, don’t you? Why not, it looks like fun on an exploding bun! And you could get it for free, with this competition we’re having today.

Guess who’s going to the Far Cry 3 launch party?

Moderate amounts of alcohol! Willards chips! Skewered bits of chicken! And something about a game! Does this sound like your idea of a great night out? Wanna party like it’s 1999 with fellow gamers while getting your hands on a controller for some Far Cry 3 fun? Well good news, because ten of you and your plus ones will do just that, tomorrow night!

Far Cry 3 isn’t afraid of Call of Duty

Love it or loathe it, no one can deny that Call of Duty games are essentially a license to print money when they come out every year. Usually, the week or two wherein a new version of the game is released, is devoid of any other new releases from a similar genre, as COD crushes the sales of any competitor within its launch window. Far Cry 3 is one such game that will be facing off against the Activision juggernaut, and while the period between both games arriving is tight, the developers behind that game aren’t phased at all about a possible lack of sales.

Far Cry 3 is going to invade Minecraft

Oh Minecraft, is there anyone out there who doesn’t love you? Well, apparently not, as the game has surfaced, from tongue in cheek references in Skyrim, to flatout mad love imitation in Borderlands 2. And now, it’s going to be invaded by a game based on tribal warfare, exploding tigers and madness.

Meet the tribe, in the latest Far Cry 3 trailer

I’m really, really satisfied with Borderlands 2 right now. It’s pretty much sated my thirst to shoot people in the face with exotic weapons. And kill midgets. Hell, I’m so invested in that game, that upcoming titles like Dishonoured and Medal of Honour: Warfighter, barely attract me. And then there’s Far Cry, which has me conflicted. Do I give up the sweet lure of loot for a more realistic and insane adventure, or do I stick to being pummelled by overpowered Bullymongs? Decisions, decisions…

You might want to think carefully before deciding who to order Assassin’s Creed 3 or Far Cry 3 from

Exclusive DLC is no stranger to these shores, and with gaming having really taken off locally in the last couple of years, we’ve been on the receiving end of some nifty content, as an incentive to buy our latest copy of Ace McStab YoFace on launch day. Big name retailers all offer pretty much the same carrot on the stick - but this year, things are a bit different as two upcoming Ubisoft games that end in a prime number are offering different downloadable wares if you buy from a specific retailer.